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About Quakers

These pages in the About Quakers section, as shown below, provide an overview of Quaker practices, history, and structure.

Overview of Quakerism

An overview of Quaker practices and beliefs.

History of Quakerism in NZ and worldwide
The historical basis of the Society of Friends lies in the mid 17th century with George Fox. Read more...

Structure of the Society of Friends
The Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) throughout the world are divided into autonomous Yearly Meetings, with differing customs and practices. Read more...

Quaker Testimonies
An introduction to the Quaker Testimonies of Peace, Equality, Simplicity, and Integrity. Read more...

Quaker Links
You can visit a number of other websites that are either Quaker sites or are in sympathy with Quaker ideals.

Accommodation Available
Accommodation is available at various Quaker centres in New Zealand.  Read more...

Radio Interviews
You can read some radio interviews with NZ Quakers.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions.  Read the answers.