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Business Initiatives

Major Business Initiatives

More with Less: Scaling Sustainable Consumption and Resource Efficiency

World Economic Forum     

Noting the lack of development towards sustainable growth they highlight the need for massive upscaling of the sustainable initiatives that have been so far demonstrated, and the role of business in achieving these changes, and how they might go about it. They also note the enormous economic benefits in responding the sustainability demands effectively.  They outline a number of initiatives that business have already taken to make sustainability initiatives commercially viable.

Vision 2050: The new agenda for business: World Business Council for Sustainable Development


Provides a picture of what a sustainable world might look like in 2050, and how business could contribute to its realisation.

Into the Future: What could New Zealand look like in 2050,

and will your business be there?

                New Zealand Business Council for Sustainable Development


New Zealand business leaders workshop the challenges of sustainability and present some the work that is already being done.