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Children's Programmes


A number of the larger Meetings have children's programmes. Auckland Meeting has programmed sessions on the first and third Sundays, and supervision for children on the other Sundays. Wellington has a programmed children's Meeting on third Sunday with a bring and share meal following. Christchurch Meeting has a children's programme every week, and a separate session for 9-14 year olds on second Sunday, with a shared lunch following.
A number of the Meetings are collaborating to share resources and ideas. Here are some of the resources which have been used by Children's Meetings around the country:

children_mtg_chch.doc [25KB] Minutes of a meeting held in Christchurch with parents and other Friends, 16 October 2005.

Fruits_of_Papatuanuku_ August_2005.doc [43KB] Children's Meeting activity with the objective of heightening children's appreciation and understanding of food/taonga we receive from the earth.

Listening_in_the_silence.doc [47KB] Children's Meeting activity to explore the meaning and purpose of the Silence in Quaker Meeting for Worship.

Quaker_History.doc [39KB] Children's Meeting activity to familiarise the children with the most famous and interesting Quaker personalities and give them a brief outline of Quaker history up to the present day.

Sleepover_Games.doc [24KB] Suggested activities for Children's Meeting Sleepovers.

Speaking_Truth_To_Power.doc [60KB] Children's Meeting activity to explore how we can find the deeper truth that gives us the courage, strength and conviction to speak truth to those in power, even though it may be unpopular or dangerous to do so?

children_mtg_chch.doc32 KB
Fruits_of_Papatuanuku_ August_2005.doc44.5 KB
Listening_in_the_silence.doc43 KB
Quaker_History.doc37.5 KB
Sleepover_Games.doc29 KB
Speaking_Truth_To_Power.doc54.5 KB