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Complete Listing by Title - June 2018

13.00 OUR LIFE IS LOVE, AND PEACE, AND TENDERNESS Tracy Bourne Australia Yearly Meeting, 2014, 54pp Illus 2014 Backhouse Lecture. Bringing children into the centre of Quaker life and worship
25.00 40-DAY JOURNEY WITH PARKER J PALMER Henry French (ed) Augsburg, US, 2008, 107pp Explore your own spirituality under this great thinker's leadership
14.00 A DEATH CHOSEN, A LIFE GIVEN Hannah Russell Pendle Hill Pamphlet 432, US, 2015, 30pp How do you find meaning and healing following the suicide of a loved one, her terminally ill husband
5.00 ABIGAIL ADAMS Alexandra Walliner Holiday House, US, 2001, Illus Hardback Children's book on early American woman's inspirational fight for human rights (slavery & women's rights)
1.00 ADVICES & QUERIES (LONDON) London Yearly Meeting LYM, London, 1964, 23pp A Quaker fundamental text.
20.00 ANSWERING THAT OF GOD: discovering Spirit Within Peter Parr The Kindlers, Britain, 2012, 43pp What do we mean when we say "that of God" and what if we lived that way every minute?
23.00 APPROVED! Nancy Haines and Anne Nydam Pleasant Green Books, US, 2017, Illus Primary school children's book on Quaker Meeting for Business
26.00 ASSISTED DYING Quentin Fowler et al (Eds) Leeds Area Meeting, Britain, 2016, 154pp Collection of articles from variety of standpoints, professional or deeply personal. Quaker thinkers
30.00 AWAKEN YOUR SENSES J Brent Bill and Beth A Booram IVP Books, US, 2012, 208pp We have been missing out. Our brain has two sides, not just the logical left brain process from Quaker author
22.50 BAD OIL AND ANIMALS Linda Hansen Onepoto Press, NZ, 2016, 127pp 16 year old Heidi, dreamed of the rich & famous but becomes a teenage protester about animals & environment
65.00 BARCLAY'S APOLOGY IN MODERN ENGLISH Dean Frieday (Ed) Sessions, Britain, 1967, 464pp Journey from Calvinism to Roman Catholicism and then Quakerism.
23.00 BAREFOOT BOOK OF EARTH TALES, THE Dawn Casey and Anne Wilson Barefoot Books, Britain, 2009, Large Format, Illus Colourful children's book about protecting the earth. Different cultures presented. Includes fun activities
24.00 BATTLE FOR GOD, THE Karen Armstrong Ballantine Books, US, 2000, 450pp Helps to understand and bring The Light in fundamentalism. Bestseller. Promotes understanding
26.00 BECOMING FRIENDS: living & learning with Quakers Ginny Wall Britain Yearly Meeting, 2010, 285pp Large Format, spiral bound For those new to Friends, can be used individually or groups, practical introduction
25.00 BEING A QUAKER Geoffrey Durham Quaker Quest, Britain, 2011,134pp A guide for new comers
25.50 BEYOND WITHIN, THE Derek Guiton FeadaRead Publishing, Woodbrooke, Britain, 2017, 86pp Commentary on Through A Glass Darkly, David Boulton's response to A Man Looks on Glass
27.00 BLACK SHEEP AND PRODIGALS Dave Tomlinson Hodder and Stoughton, Britain, 2017, 240pp Hardback Spirituality can be laboratories of the spirit rather than conformity
40.00 BOOK OF QUAKER SAINTS, A L V Hodgkin US Reprint Reprint of the original 1917 children's Quaker classic- reflects for children the hidden unity of the Eternal Being
16.00 BOY IN THE STRIPED PYJAMAS, THE John Boyne Blackswan, Britain, 2007, 215pp Extraordinary tale of friendship between two boys, German and Jew, compelling for children & adults
18.00 BOYCOTT, DIVESTMENT, AND SANCTIONS Steve Chase Pendle Hill Pamphlet 445, US 2017, 34pp A Quaker Zionist rethinks Palestinian rights- a good history and a rethink
20.00 BRIGHT ACOUSTIC, A Philip Gross Bloodaxe Books, Britain, 2017, 94pp Quaker poet Philip Gross's latest collection contemplates space and sound. Even silence reveals itself
9.00 BUT WHO DO YOU SAY THAT I AM Douglas Gwyn The Kindlers, Britain, 2013, 57pp Quakers and Christ today- an overview of various perspectives amongst Quakers today
25.00 CALM with the Very Hungry Caterpillar Eric Carle Puffin, Britain, 2016, Illus. Hardback A practical and beautifully illustrated mindfulness book for children (and adults!)
24.00 CAPITALIST REALISM:Is There No Alternative? Mark Fisher Zero Books, London, 2009, 81pp After 1989 capitalism presented as only realistic political economic system but?
6.00 CELEBRATING THE QUAKER WAY Ben Pink Dandelion Quaker Books, London, 2009, 28pp Pocketbook devotional book for Quakers
12.00 CHANGING THE PRISON SYSTEM Tony Taylor Aotearoa New Zealand Yearly Meeting, 2011, 60pp 2011 Quaker Lecture from Quaker professor of psychology
15.00 CHILDREN'S BOOK OF PHILOSOPHY - Sale priced to clear DK Children's Series Penguin, Britain, 2015, Illus Large Format. Hardback Introduction to the world's great thinkers & their big ideas. A book recommended for Quaker children
20.00 CHRISTIAN ATHEIST Brian Mountford O Books, Britain, 2011, 131pp Belonging without believing "I don't believe in God but I miss him"
25.00 CHRISTIAN THOUGHT: A Brief History Adrian Hastings and others (Eds) Oxford, Britain, 2000, 176pp Journey through Christianity to help understand its vitality & diversity in one compact book
18.00 CHRISTIANITY AND THE INNER LIFE Margery Post Abbott Pendle Hill Pamphlet 402, US, 2009, 36pp 21st Century Reflections on the words of Early Friends
38.00 CHURCHLESS FAITH, A Alan Jamieson SPCK, Britain, 2002, 179pp What can be offerred to those who leave the Church but want a journey of faith
13.00 COMING INTO FRIENDSHIP AS A GIFT Christina Van Regenmorter Quaker Press (FGC), US, 2008, 28pp The Journey of a young adult Friend into Quakerism
18.00 COMING TO LIGHT Valerie Brown Pendle Hill Pamphlet 446, US, 2017,34pp Cultivating Spiritual Discernment through the Quaker Clearness Committee
13.00 COMMITTED RELATIONSHIPS Eldership and Oversight Committee Quaker Books, Britain, 2001, 38pp Volume 6 in handbook series. Practical & inspiring book for those responsible for registering relationships
32.00 COMMUNITY: The Structure of Belonging Peter Block Berrett Koehler, US, 2009, 240pp Exact ways communities can emerge from fragmentation. Deficiencies, interests, entitlement to possibility
23.00 CONCHIE: What my father didn't do in the war Gethin Russell-Jones Lion, Britain, 2016, 235pp A son finds out why his father did what he did and a different kind of courage
18.00 CONFIDENT QUAKERISM Ben Pink Dandelion Pendle Hill Pamphlet 410, 2010, US, 35pp Personally driven reflections on early Friends spirituality applied today with discussion questions
16.00 CONFLICT IN MEETINGS Quaker Home Service Quaker Home Service, London, 2005, Second Edition, 82pp Eldership handbook on this important real topic
6.95 CONSCIENCE Wilhelm Mensching Pendle Hill Pamphlet 117, US, 1961, 31pp Example of consistent example opposition to Nazism in Germany
14.00 CONSCIENCE: A World War 1 Critical Thinking Project Britain Yearly Meeting Britain Yearly Meeting, 2014, 33p A4 size, Illus A primary school focused teacher resource
28.00 CONTEMPLATIVE PRAYER Thomas Merton Image/Doubleday, US, 1969, 94pp How peace contacted through meditation not to evade contemporary life, but directed out to positive change
14.00 CONVICTION: A World War 1 Critical Thinking Project Britain Yearly Meeting Britain Yearly Meeting, 2014, 54p A4 size, Illus A secondary school focused teacher resource
27.00 CONVICTIONS Marcus Borg SPCK, Britain, 2014, 237pp His convictions about Christianity & his mystical experiences & his championing progressive Christianity
26.00 COSTING NOT LESS THAN EVERYTHING Pam Lunn Quaker Books, Britain, 2011, 148pp Illus 2011 Swarthmore Lecture. Sustainability and spirituality in challenging times
28.00 COUNTER POWER: Making Change Happen Tim Gee New Internationalist, 2011, Britain, 224pp A single idea which explains why social movements succeed or fail- and a wonderful inspiring book
31.00 CRADLE OF QUAKERISM, THE Arthur Kincaid Quaker Books, Britain, 2011, 95pp Illus exploring Quaker roots in North West England "1652 Country"
20.00 CREATION WAS OPEN TO ME, THE Anne Adams (Compilier) Quaker Green Concern, Britain, 1996, 110pp Anthology of Friends' Writings on that of God in all Creation
9.00 DEEP ROOTS? Simon Webb Simon Webb (Durham Friends), Britain, 2007, 44pp Where did George Fox and the early Quakers get their inspiration? Did they know mystics?
9.00 DEEPLY ROOTED: Alive In The Spirit Marcelle Martin Southeastern Meeting, US, 2009, 32pp Early Quakers presented a more radical alternative understanding of Christ and life in the Spirit so now?
12.00 DEVIL'S ARITHMETIC, THE Jane Yollen Puffin Books, US, 1990, 170pp 1942 and a Jewish adolescent in Poland- truly moving
23.00 DISCERNMENT AND INNER KNOWING Joycelin Dawes FeadaRead Publishing, Woodbrooke, Britain, 2017, 126pp A Quaker compares Quaker discernment & Theory U of decision making - aids understanding of Quaker process
12.00 DODDEREL Sarah Worster Sarah Worster, Britain, 2013 Some grumpy verses to cheer up older people
14.00 DOOR IN, THE Renee Crauder Pendle Hill Pamphlet 430, US, 2014, 36pp Combining Jesuit and Quaker practices in the search for the Divine and her finding the gifts of the Spirit
10.00 DREAMING OF A NEW REALITY- Sale Price to Clear Ted Wachtel International Institute for Restorative Practices, US, 2013, 192pp How RP reduce crime & violence, improve relationships and strenghten society
12.00 DYNAMICS OF AN UNPROGRAMMED MEETING FOR WORSHIP Mary R Hopkins Friends General Conference, US, 1999, 24pp An introduction to Meeting
23.50 EAARTH: Making A Life On A Tough New Planet Bill McKibben St Martins, US, 2011, 261pp Earth is the new Earth- Important strands of environmental thought- a radical manifesto for our survivial
17.50 EARTH BOOK, THE Todd Parr Little Brown, US, 2010, Illus For young children. We can all help protect the Earth. If we take care of it, it will take care of us.
43.00 EASTERN LIGHT Steve Smith QUPublishing, Quaker Universalist Fellowship, US, 2015, 230pp Awakening to presence in Zen, Quakerism and Christianity
18.00 ECOLOGY OF QUAKER MEETING, THE James W Hood Pendle Hill Pamphlet 449, 2018, 32pp Calls on us to deepen our spiritual relationship to nature
22.00 EINSTEIN & THE ART OF MINDFUL CYCLING Ben Irvine Leaping Hare Press, Britain, 2012, 144pp Hardback The end result is an exhilarating philosophy for our times; and a celebration of balance
40.00 ELBERT'S BAD WORD Audrey and Don Wood Voyager Books, US, 1996, Illus Hardback Humor and insight tells a tale for anyone shocked to hear a child utter a bad word; & Elbert’s ingenious solution.
18.00 ENLARGING OUR CIRCLE OF LOVE Margaret Fisher Pendle Hill Pamphlet 440, US, 2016, 33pp Compelling challenge of a college science experiment making us reflect on animal life and us
10.00 ENOUGH! The Challenge of a post growth economy Jeanette Fitzsimons Aotearoa New Zealand Yearly Meeting, 2013, 27pp 2013 Quaker Lecture. "A willingness to say I have enough now, the rest is for others, or Nature?"
43.00 ESSAYS IN QUAKER HISTORY David Rubinstein Quacks Books, Britain, 2016, 294pp Illus A wealth of illustrated Quaker history from Britain and beyond
25.00 ESSENCE OF GEORGE FOX'S JOURNAL, THE Hunter Lewis Axious Press, US, 2012, 260pp Pares the Journal to its essence, helps understanding and still comprehensive with introduction & notes
19.00 EVERYDAY GOD Paula Gooder Canterbury Press, Britain, 2012, 139pp The spirit of the ordinary, the riches and power of such time
15.00 EVERYDAY PROPHETS Margery Post Abbott Australia Yearly Meeting, 2016, 43pp 2016 Backhouse Lecture. Interplay of faith and action, from a scholar,activist, sailor and Quaker
17.00 EXERCISE OF SPIRITUAL AUTHORITY WITHIN THE MEETING, THE Lloyd Lee Wilson School of the Spirit, US, 2014, 20pp Helps us to be faithful listeners and responders to inward Light of the Divine
13.50 EXPLORATIONS: discovering a spiritual way Judith Fullard Smith The Kindlers, Britain, 2015, 73pp Unfolds the journeys of some Quakers as they find a spiritual way that speaks to them - good group discussion
2.00 FACING AND FULFILLING THE LATER YEARS Elsie Marion Andrews Pendle Hill Pamphlet 157, US, 1968, 31pp Presents current way of dealing with problems of aging. PHP 157
12.00 FACING DEATH Diana Lampen Friends Book Centre, London, 1979, 77pp Meet and listen to people face their own and others' deaths.
18.00 FAITH IN POLITICS? Catherine West and Andy Hull Quaker Books, Britain, 2017,81pp 2017 Swarthmore Lecture. Quaker MP's inspire Friends to champion the cause of equality in their community
10.00 FAITH IN THE FAITH OF EMPIRE- Sale price to clear Mitri Raheb Orbis Books, US, 2014, 166pp Fourth printing The Bible through Palestinian eyes. Gives us a different challenging perspective on the issues and Jesus
16.00 FAITH, POWER AND PEACE Diana Francis Quaker Books, Britain, 2015, 89pp 2015 Swarthmore Lecture.Affirms how non violence can provide a radically different international relations model
5.00 FAITHFUL VOICES Ed Schwartz Friends General Conference, US, 2006, 98pp Illus Oral Readings. Exploring beliefs in action.A bio, some quotes and queries on a range of wellknowns
5.00 FINDING GOD IN EACH MOMENT Carol Smith and Eugene Merz Ave Maria Press, US, 2006, 222pp From a Christian God centred & Catholic approach but many valuable insights and methods for Quaker use
49.00 FIRST DAY STORIES Katherine K Newman Sacramento Meeting, US, 2016, 85pp Illus Large Format 12 stories about contemporary about Quaker life for 3 to 6 year olds, unprogrammed Lovely illustrations
29.00 FOR WHAT I'VE BEEN GIVEN:The Complete Works of Judith Child Judith Child Quaker Book Sales, NZ, 2010, 284pp Complete works of Judith Child, NZ Quaker, poet and lover of language
24.00 FORGIVENESS IS REALLY STRANGE Masi Noor & Marina Cantacuzino, art by Sophie Singing Dragon, London, 2018, Illus, Hardback What enables forgiveness. Comic style based on science & real life stories, health benefits & restorative potential
35.00 FORGIVING JUSTICE (Revised Edition) Tim Newell Quaker Home Service, London, 2000, 160pp (Revised 2007) Swarthmore Lecture. Quaker vision for criminal justice
20.00 FRIENDLY GUIDE TO QUAKERISM, THE Youth Committee of Ireland Yearly Meeting Yearly Meeting of Ireland, 2003, 31pp A4 size Illus Beautifully illustrated, comprehensive and clear guide to history and practice for all ages
21.00 FROM CHRISTIAN TO QUAKER Tony Philpott Quaker Universalist Group Publishing, Britain, 2013, 282pp A spiritual journey from evangelical Christian to universalist Quaker
2.00 FROM THE INSIDE OUT David Atwood Australia Yearly Meeting, 2012, 54pp 2012 Backhouse Lecture. Observations on Quaker work at the United Nations
11.00 FUNERALS AND MEMORIAL MEETINGS Ctte of Eldership and Oversight Britain Yearly Meeting, Reprinted 2003 Vol 2 in series for those responsible for eldership and oversight.
18.00 GATHERED MEETING, THE Steven Davison Pendle Hill Pamphlet 444, US, 2017, 34pp The essence of the Quaker way. Historical and current state of this and how to foster it today
24.00 GATHERED: Contemporary Quaker Poets Nick McRae Sundress Publications, US, 2013, 164pp Contemporary Quaker Poets
11.00 GETTING ROOTED Brian Drayton Pendle Hill Pamphlet 391, US, 2007, 35pp Living in the Cross, looking at our Quaker roots, a path to joy and liberation
22.00 GOD, WORDS AND US Helen Rowlands (Ed) Quaker Books, London, 2017, 98pp Britain Yearly Meeting publication. Quakers in conversations about religious differences
35.00 GODLESS for God's Sake David Boulton (Ed) Dales Historical, Britain, 2006, 146pp Nontheism in Contemporary Quakerism
14.00 GRIEF, FORGIVENESS, & REEMPTION AS A WAY OF TRANSFORMATION Elaine Pryce Pendle Hill Pamphlet 416, US, 2012, 35pp Traumatic loss of a loved one, spiritual aspects of grief and blessings of acceptance
11.00 GROUP SPIRITUAL NURTURE: The Wisdom of Spiritual Listening Dalphne Clement Pendle Hill Pamphlet 373, US, 2004, 32pp Intimacy develops over time in Spiritual Nurture Group members connect to the Spirit
23.00 HANDFUL OF QUIET, A Thich Nhat Hanh Plum Blossom, US, 2012, 62pp, Illus, Hardback Easy to understand instructions for children (and adults) on the practice of meditation
21.00 HEART OF ONENESS Jennifer Kavanagh Christian Alternative, Britain, 2017, 71pp We find it hard to live together in the world. Oneness the heart of existence and how we can act in the world
14.00 HEARTFULNESS Valerie Brown Pendle Hill Pamphlet 421, US 2013, 36pp Renewing heart, mind and spirit on retreat and beyond- use of focussed retreat
26.00 HIDDEN WHOLENESS, A Parker J Palmer Jossey Bass, US, 2004, 208pp Guidance of finding the soul in ourselves and others in a wounded world
19.00 HOLDING FAITH: creating peace in a violent world David Gee Quaker Books, London, 2011, 144pp Refusing to allow past violations to determine our present & future choices, cycles of violence can be broken
8.00 HONOURING THE OTHER Kevin Clements New Zealand Yearly Meeting, 2010, 32pp Illus 2010 Quaker Lecture: Quest for respect, equality and small goodnesses in Aotearoa New Zealand
5.00 IMAGINATION & SPIRIT J Brent Bill (Ed) FUP, US, 2002, 257pp A contemporary Quaker reader
18.00 INDIVIDUAL SPIRITUAL DISCERNMENT Jerry Knutson Pendle Hill Pamphlet 443, US, 2017, 34pp How to format methods for receiving individual spiritual guidance
18.00 INNER GUIDE versus INNER CRITIC Rex Ambler Pendle Hill Pamphlet 448, US, 2017, 34pp The journey from judgement to love
10.00 INTERFAITH ALTERNATIVE, THE Steven Greenebaum New Society, US, 2012, 156pp Enhancing Spiritual Diversity- how to celebrate each other without loosing the identity of our faith
5.00 INTRODUCTION TO QUAKER TESTIMONIES, AN American Friends Service Committee American Friends Service Committee, US, 2012, 22pp Illus The Testimonies along with the Queries in AFSC context and how they are used-practical examples
46.00 INTRODUCTION TO QUAKERISM, AN Pink Dandelion Cambridge University, Britain, 2007, 277pp. Illus First comprehensive introduction that balances a history of theology with overview of present day practice
5.00 INVENTING HEAVEN Amber Carroll & Chris Skidmore (Eds) Sowle Press & Bedfordshire General Meeting, UK, 1999, 122pp Quakers confront the challenges of genetic engineering
2.00 INVENTING THE FUTURE Alternatives To Violence Project 2009 (NZ) Wordswell Press, NZ, 2009 Account of the precepts and programmes of the workshops
29.00 INVESTING IN PEOPLE AND THE PLANET Robert Howell Robert Howell, NZ, 2017, 68pp In a world of ecological disaster & inequality, how can we make a difference? Our investments influence others
23.00 JESUS BEFORE CHRISTIANITY Albert Nolan Orbis Books, US, 1976, 25th Anniversary and 16th Printing 2017 196pp. Very popular 0n the man before he became enshrined in doctrine, dogma and ritual. The real man then
5.00 JESUS FOR PRESIDENT Shane Claiborne and Chris Haw Zondervan, US, 2008, 360pp Illus We would vote for Jesus even if we don't vote for the Church- written by young Friends
40.00 JOURNAL AND MAJOR ESSAYS OF JOHN WOOLMAN Phillip Moulton (Ed) Friends United Press, US, 1989, 336pp New edition, all relevant manuscripts, some newly found.
46.00 JOURNAL OF GEORGE FOX (JONES) Rufus Jones (Ed) Friends United Press, US, 1983, 608pp As the title says, with new glossary/index.
40.00 JOURNAL OF GEORGE FOX (NICKALLS) John L Nickalls (Ed) London Yearly Meeting, London, 1952, 789pp English version of the Journal.
3.00 JOURNEYS IN THE LIGHT Jan Arriens Pronoun Press, Britain, 2007, 180pp Illus Quaker stories appealing to young and old explaining Quakerism
5.00 KING OF THE SKY- Sale price to clear Nicola Davies Illustrated by Laura Carlin Walker Books, Britain, 2017, Hardbound Illus. Large size Children's book. Being in a new country. in aid of Amnesty International moving timeless story about "home"
10.00 KIWI DRAGON Bill Willmott New Zealand Yearly Meeting, 2009, 48pp Illus Quaker Centennial Lecture 2009. The Chinese in Aotearoa New Zealand:History, Culture, Hope
29.00 LANGUAGE FOR THE INWARD LANDSCAPE, A Brian Drayton and William Taber Tract Association, US, 2015, 180pp Hardback Spiritual wisdom for the Quaker movement - descriptions of inner experiences
18.50 LANGUAGE OF LEADINGS, THE Jane Pearn Quaker Books, Britain, 2017, 94pp A reflection on faith, action and concern.How do we discern and respond to a "concern" in our Quaker beliefs
10.00 LEAF- Sale Price to Clear Sandra Dieckmann Flying Eye Books, Britain, 2017 Hardcover Illus Children's book. Heart warming tale of helping others and not fear, and the plight of polar bears"
28.00 LET YOUR LIFE SPEAK Parker J Palmer Jossey Bass, US, 2000, 117pp Hardback Listening to the voice of vocation from well known author
26.00 LIFE LESSONS FROM A BAD QUAKER J Brent Bill Abingdon Press, US, 2016, 177pp A Humble stumble toward simplicity and grace - author has the belief but not the everyday practice
17.00 LIGHT THAT IS SHINING, A Harvey Gillman Quaker Home Service, London, 2003 (New Edition) 96pp A very good general introduction to Quakers for newcomers.
16.00 LIGHT TO LIVE BY: an exploration in Quaker Spirituality Rex Ambler Quaker Books, London, 2002, 60pp Companion volume to "Truth of the Heart"
18.00 LIGHT WITHIN, THE, Then and Now Rex Ambler Pendle Hill Pamphlet 425, US, 2013, 35pp Do Friends have a common understanding of what "Light Within" means, is it the same as Fox understood?
15.00 LITTLE BOOK OF RESTORATIVE JUSTICE, THE -Revised and Updated Howard Zehr Good Books, US, 2015, 106pp From the founder of Restorative Justice, revised and updated in the advances in the field
15.00 LITTLE BOOK OF UNKNOWING, A Jennifer Kavanagh Christian Alternative, Britain, 2015, 62pp What if we let go of the need to know? Let go of our habitual familiar ways of thinking?
15.00 LITTLE BOOK OF VICTIM OFFENDER CONFERENCING, THE Lorraine Stutzman Amstutz Goodbooks, US, 2009, 89pp Victim offender restorative justice dialogue- practical manual
20.00 LIVING ELDERSHIP Jenny Routledge Quaker Books, Britain, 2014, 120pp Complex idea of Eldership in Friends, includes a practical course guide on Eldership & deepening the Meeting
20.00 LIVING ELDERSHIP Jenny Routledge Quaker Books, Britain, 2014, 120pp A course on Eldership
18.00 LIVING IN DARK TIMES Rex Ambler Pendle Hill Pamphlet 447, US, 2017,33pp Reflection on current world situation and what is needed for positive change Focus on inner truth and live the truth
17.00 LIVING OUR BELIEFS Young Friends with Graham Ralph Britain Yearly Meeting, 2016, 100pp, Illus "Many of us have experienced Quaker meeting for worship on a hill, in a hotel lobby & the silence can surprise"
5.00 LIVING THE HEART OF CHRISTIANITY Marcus Borg and Tim Scorer Harper, US, 2006, 161pp A Guide to putting your faith into action- companion to the book
6.00 LIVING THE QUAKER WAY Ben Pink Dandelion Quaker Books, London, 2012, 31pp Companion volume to Celebrating The Quaker Way, explains why Quakers do what they do
7.00 LIVING TRUTH Keith R Maddock Pendle Hill Pamphlet 379, US, 2005, 35pp Spiritual portrait of Pierre Ceresole, Quaker founder of international work camps
13.00 LOUD BOOK, THE Deborah Underwood Houghton Muffin, US, 2011, Illus, Hardcover Companion to The Quiet Book. From the bestseller children's book
18.00 MAKING A PORTRAIT OF JESUS John Lampen Pendle Hill Pamphlet 441, US, 2016,32pp What was Jesus really like? A different man than expected, a man who was intensely alive
38.00 MAN THAT LOOKS ON GLASS, A Derek Guiton FeedAReading Publishing, Britain, 2015, 266pp Standing up for God in the Religious Society of Friends
18.00 MARKING THE QUAKER PATH: Seven Key Words Plus One Robert Griswold Pendle Hill Pamphlet 439, US, 2016, 34pp Inward experience, discipline, discernment and in a beloved community - the path
18.00 MEETING AT THE CENTER Bruce Birchard Pendle Hill Pamphlet 442, US, 2016, 32pp Living Love and reconciling one with another, personal experiences
30.00 MEETING JESUS AGAIN FOR THE FIRST TIME Marcus J.Borg Harper SF, US, 1995, 150pp Inspirational account of historical Jesus, not doctrines but relationship with the Spirit
5.00 MEETING TIPS Martha Smith Martha Smith, US, 2007, A4 format Illus. Thirteen short introductions for Meeting for Worship to help primary age understand
14.00 MENDING BROKEN HEARTS, REBUILDING SHATTERED LIVES Esther Mombo and Cecile Nyiramana Quaker Books, Britain, 2016, 62pp 2016 Swarthmore Lecture. Peacebuilding in East and Central Africa
18.00 METAPHORS OF MEANING Linda Wilson Pendle Hill Pamphlet 437, US, 2016, 32pp Metaphors for expressing life in the Sprirt from a New Zealander. Examples of how to look at own spirituality
11.00 MIND OF CHRIST,THE Michael Birkel (Ed) Pendle Hill Pamphlet 406, US, 2010, 34pp Bill Taber on Meeting for Business
36.00 MINDFULNESS Mark Williams and Danny Penman Piatkus, Britain, 2012, 278pp A practical guide to finding peace in a frantic world-includes CD of guided meditations
22.00 MINDFULNESS JOURNAL, THE Corinne Sweet Boxtree, London, 2014, Illus Exercises to help you find peace and calm where ever you are. Recommended by Quakers London
17.00 MINDING THE FUTURE Christine Davis Quaker Books, London, 2008, 98pp 2008 Swarthmore Lecture. Stewardship-insights from the past. What are we passing on to the future?
2.00 MISFITS, THE James Howe Aladdin, US, 2003, 274pp Names will break our spirit, sensitive tale of adolescence
18.00 MONEY AND SOUL Pamela Haines Pendle Hill Pamphlet 450. US, 2018, 34pp Our troubled relationship with the economic system, our values and the shift from common welfare to private gain
28.00 MOODY COW Learns Compassion Kerry Lee MacLean Wisdom Publications, US, 2012 Illus Hardback Childrens and adults book and a lesson for us all- beautifully illustrated
9.00 MOVING INTO MEMBERSHIP Quaker Books Quaker Books, Britain, 2003, 71pp Vol 8 of Eldership and Oversight handbooks for pastoral care in assisting in this area
21.00 NO MUD, NO LOTUS Thich Nhat Hanh Parallax Press, US, 2014, 124pp Spiritual Transforming suffering into true joy through mindfulness, stopping and deep concentration- Buddhist
5.00 NO PEACE FOR AMELIA Siobhan Parkinson O'brien Press, Ireland, 1994, 215pp Major book awards winner.It's 1916 but Amelia thoughts are on Frederick who shocks the Quakers
5.75 NO ROYAL ROAD TO RECONCILIATION Gene Knudsen Hoffman Pendle Hill Pamphlet 321, US, 35pp Healing through the gift of compassionate listening.PHP 321.
10.00 NO-NONSCENSE GUIDE TO RELIGION Symon Hill New Internationalist, 2010, Britain, 133pp a modern view of the positives and negatives
14.00 NONVIOLENT DIRECT ACTION AS A SPIRITUAL PATH Richard K Taylor Pendle Hill Pamphlet 424, US, 2013, 36pp The relationship between spirituality and nonviolent direct action, personal journeys, and discussion questions
3.00 NOTSO HOTSO Anne Fine Farrar Strauss, US, 2001, 92pp Illus Hardbound Why do bad things happen to good dogs?
18.00 OPEN FOR TRANSFORMATION Being Quaker Ben Pink Dandelion Quaker Books, Britain, 2014, 113pp 2014 Swarthmore Lecture. To be vibrant and useful we need to be clear about what we are and what we are not.
54.00 OPEN TO NEW LIGHT Leslie Stevenson Imprint Academic, Britain, 2012, 182pp Quaker Spirituality in historical and philosophical context - critical and selective evaluation
5.00 PASSING BELLS W J Foote Glen Press, Christchurch, 2009, 82pp, Illus wars, non violence and common morality
18.00 PASTORAL CARE OF CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE Committee on Oversight, Britain YM Quaker Books, London, 2001, 46pp Lots of good stuff here
39.00 PATHS OF FAITH IN THE LANDSCAPE OF SCIENCE George Strunz, Michael Miller & Keith Helmuth Chapel Street Editions, Canada, 2014, 121pp Three Quakers check their compass
27.00 PATTERNS AND EXAMPLES: Experiencing The Spirit of Other Faiths Peter Jarman and Eva Tucker (Eds) William Sessions, Britain, 2005, 156pp Quakers acknowledge all human beings through the experience of the spirit of other faiths
21.00 PEACE KIT: Everyday Peace Making for Young People, THE John Lampen Quaker Books, London, Second Edition 2005, 64pp Illus Dealing with temper, quarrels, arguments etc.
32.00 PEACEFUL PARENTS, PEACEFUL KIDS Naomi Drew Kensington Books, US, 2000, 272pp Practical Ways to create a calm and happy home
16.00 PEACEFUL PIGGY MEDITATION Kerry MacLean Albert Whitman, US, 2004, Illus A children's meditation therapist shows how this simple thing can do much for children and families
10.00 PEACEFUL PIGGY YOGA Kerry Lee MacLean Albert Whiteman, US, 2008, Illus CLOTH from the Peaceful Piggy Meditation series- children of ages can use yoga for peace in relationships
13.00 PEACEFUL WORLD, A Marian Hobbs Aotearoa New Zealand Yearly Meeting, 2016,36pp 2016 NZ Quaker Lecture. How can we make it so?
10.00 PERSONALITY AND PLACE: The Life and Times of Pendle Hill- Sale Price to Clear Douglas Gwyn Plain Press, US, 2014, 499pp The story of a Quaker Centre for study and contemplation
30.00 PLAIN LIVING: A Quaker Path To Simplicity Catherine Whitmire Sorin Books, US, 2001, 192pp More than simplicity,an unprogrammed tradition daily reader in style of Quaker F & Practice
11.50 POWER WE CALL GOD, THE Frank Parkinson The Kindlers, Britain, 2011, 44pp Threshing matters. The Power of God in new ways. Designed for group or individual reading
35.00 PRACTICING PEACE:a devotional walk through the Quaker Tradition Catherine Whitmire Green Press, US, 2007, 270pp Quaker tradition of peace making applied to everday situations
40.00 PRESENCE AND PROCESS Daniel P Coleman Barclay Press, US, 2017, 230pp Brings Christianity and Buddhism together in this new age of minfulndess and non Church going & Quakers
19.00 PRESENCE IN THE MIDST, THE Peter J Eccles Quaker Books, London, 2009, 156pp 2009 Swarthmore Lecture. How do we discern well together and make sense of our world and experience
5.00 PRINCIPLES OF SUSTAINABILITY, THE Simon Dresner Routledge, Britain, 2002, 205pp Rapid top level introduction to the origins, evolution and current status of thinking on sustainability
26.00 PROMISE OF PARADOX,THE Parker Palmer Jossey Bass, US, 2008 edition, 145pp Hardback A celebration of the contradictions in the Christian Life
35.00 PROSPERITY WITHOUT GROWTH: Foundations for an economy tomorrow Tim Jackson Routledge, London, 2017, Second Edition, 310pp A land mark in gthde sustainability debate. A post growth economy is possible, sustainable and defined here
20.00 PUSHING AT THE FRONTIERS OF CHANGE David Blamires Quaker Books, London, 2012, 100pp A memoir of Quaker involvement with homosexuality
22.50 QUAKER FAITH & PRACTICE IN AOTEAROA NEW ZEALAND New Zealand Yearly Meeting NZYM, New Zealand, 2003, 177pp Quaker Faith and Practice book of New Zealand readings
34.00 QUAKER FAITH AND PRACTICE soft cover   Britain Yearly Meeting, 2013 (5th Edition) The book of Christian discipline of the YM of the Relig. Socy. of Friends in Britain.
54.00 QUAKER FAITH AND PRACTICE (cloth)   Britain Yearly Meeting (5th edition) 2013 The book of Christian discipline of the YM of the Relig. Socy. of Friends in Britain.
Free QUAKER MEETING AND ME Britain Yearly Meeting, Britain, 2010, Illus   A guide for children to Quaker Meeting for Worship/simple, lovely colour illustrations/all ages/pocket size
26.00 QUAKER PRAYER LIFE, A David Johnson Inner Light Books, US, 2013, 80pp How did early Quakers pray? Inward preparation for our outer lives
5.00 QUAKER SPEAK Alastair Heron Quaker Outreach, Yorkshire, 2003, 54pp New edition of Quaker glossary of all those acronyms, terms and titles
16.00 QUAKER WAY, THE David Johnson South Australian Regional Meeting, 2007, 20pp Serious religion without priest, creed or Eucharist
32.00 QUAKER WAY, THE: a rediscovery Rex Ambler Christian Alternative, Britain, 2013, 159pp an attempt to explain the Quaker Way
25.00 QUAKERISM:A Theology for Our Time Patricia Williams Infinity Publishing, US, 2008, 198pp Written for general reader and for our time now, the first substantial work of Quaker theology since Barclay
17.00 QUAKERS Peter Furtado Shire Publications, Britain, 2013, 64pp, Illust A brief history and explanation of Quaker beliefs- well illustrated
15.00 QUIET BOOK, THE Deborah Underwood Houghton Muffin, US, 2010, Illus, Paperback New York Times bestseller children's book, a great look at quiet
17.00 QUIETNESS WITHIN, A Elaine Pryce Pendle Hill Pamphlet 434, US, 2015, 33pp The Quiet Way as Faith and Spirituality
14.00 RADICAL HOSPITALITY Lloyd Lee Wilson Pendle Hill Pamphlet 427, US, 2014, 35pp Jesus centred invitation through inclusiveness and letting go of personal cravings
25.00 READING THE BIBLE AGAIN FOR THE FIRST TIME Marcus J Borg Harper, US, 2001, 321pp Taking the Bible seriously but not literally from "Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time" author
14.00 RECLAIMING THE TRANSCENDANT; God In Process Thomas Gates Pendle Hill Pamphlet 422, US, 2013, 36pp God in process, a more believeable God, an energy nudging us to "True North"
14.00 RECOVERING SACRED PRESENCE IN A DISENCHANTED WORLD Mary Conrow Coelho Pendle Hill Pamphlet 433, US, 2015, 34pp Science and Faith seem contradictory ways for Westerners- this offers a new way of seeing
23.00 RESTORATIVE JUSTICE POCKETBOOK Margaret Thorsborne & David Vinegrad Teachers Pocket Books, Britain, 2009, 128pp Illus Concise, comprehensive and how to, for schools, but skills and processes applies across other sectors
14.00 REVELATION and REVOLUTION Steve Chase Pendle Hill Pamphlet 431, US, 2015, 36pp Answering the call for radical faithfulness- with discussion questions
35.00 RISE AGAIN SONGBOOK Peter Blood and Annie Patterson Hal Leonard, US, 2015, 301pp From creators of very popular Rise Up Singing now words and cords to nearly 1200 more songs
40.00 RISE UP SINGING A. Patterson & P. Blood Sing Out Publication, US, 2004 1200 spiral-bound songs, chords & words. Brilliant book!
21.00 ROAD THAT TEACHES, THE Valerie Brown FGC, US, 2012, 152pp Lessons in transformation through travel.Mindfulness through travel, including the author's visit to New Zealand
23.00 ROOTED IN CHRISTIANITY OPEN TO NEW LIGHT Timothy Ashworth and Alex Wildwood Woodbrooke, Britain, 2009, 115pp Quaker spiritual diversity
5.00 SAM PEEL A MAN WHO DID DIFFERENT- sale price to clear Susan Wild Wells Local History Group, Britain, 2013, 149pp Set against backdrop of early 1900's, Sam, motivated by strong Quaker faith, transformed lives and injustice
18.00 SEAL UPON THE HEART, A Michael Birkel Pendle Hill Pamphlet 438, US, 2016, 34pp A celebration of the profoundly love lyrics of theBiblical Song of Songs and how early Friends used its imagery
26.00 SEEDS THAT CHANGE THE WORLD Debbie L Humphries FGC, US, 2017, 143pp Essays on Quakerism, Spirituality, Faith & Culture- Quakers are distinctive- call to embrace our radical tradition
10.00 SELECTIONS FROM THE WRITINGS OF JAMES NAYLER Brian Drayton Mosher, New England Meeting, US, 2001, Second Edition,79pp Selections plus a sketch of his life
27.00 SHIFT INTO FREEDOM Loch Kelly Sounds True, US, 2015, 277pp Combines meditation masters, mindfulness & the science together -recommended book by Quakers
12.00 SIGNPOSTS: Quakers exploring Interfaith Eva Tucker and Stephanie Ramamurthy The Kindlers, Britain, 2013, 69pp How some Quakers have explored interfaith encounters and come to new understandings
25.00 SIMPLICITY MADE EASY Jennifer Kavanagh O Books, Britain, 2011, 68pp Simplicity is not just a lifestyle option, but an attitude of mind, a path for the inner as well as the outer life
36.00 SIMPLY QUAKERS Quakers of the Netherlands (Yearly Meeting) FGC, US, 2016 Illus Larger Format Who are Quakers and what do they do? A comic book for beginners
10.00 SIN: The Early History of An Idea- Sale Price to clear Paula Fredriksen Princeton University, US, 2012, 209pp Illus Hardback Traditional Jewish views on sin transmuted into Christianity, but in different waysand views?
48.00 SING IN THE SPIRIT The Leaveners Leaveners Press, Britain, 2005, Spiral Bound 191 Quaker Songs and Music
20.00 SNAKES AND LADDERS Rachel Brett Quaker Books, London, 2012, 105pp 2012 Swarthmore Lecture. A personal explorationof Quaker work on human rights at the United Nations
10.00 SOUL OF SUPERVISION, THE- Sale Price to Clear Margaret Benefield and Geraldine Holton, Eds Morehouse, US, 2010, 204pp Integrating practice and theory, and bringing a spiritual dimension to supervision
27.00 SPEAKING SILENCE, A R V Bailey and Stevie Krayer (Eds) Indigo Dreams Publishing, Britain, 2013, 134pp New anthology of Quaker poets, the first for over 100 years, from well known names to exciting newcomers
18.00 SPIRIT LED ELDERING Mearse Larrabee Pendle Hill Pamphlet 392, US, 2007, 35pp Integral to our faith and practice
25.00 SPIRIT LEVEL, THE Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett Penguin, London, 2010, 347pp Illus Confirms that almost everything is determined not by how wealthy but how equal a society is
14.00 SPIRITUAL ACCOMPANIMENT Cathy Walling and Elaine Emily Pendle Hill Pamphlet 428, US, 2014, 36pp Experience of two Friends travelling in the Ministry, a visit to Australia Yearly Meeting
32.00 SPIRITUAL ACTIVISIM Alastair McIntosh and Matt Carmichael Green Books, Britain, 2016, 223pp Leadership as service. Explains spirituality for a modern audience of all faiths & beliefs & what is true leadership
17.00 SPREADING THE FIRE Debbie Humphries Pendle Hill Pamphlet 436, US, 2015, 32pp Challenging and encouraging Friends through travel in the Ministry
10.00 STANDING IN THIS PLACE D James; J Wychel; M Short and L Wilson Aotearoa New Zealand Yearly Meeting, 2014, 60pp 2014 Lecture. An example, how in NZ many Quakers have been involved in supporting Maori self determination
23.00 STARS BENEATH US; Finding God in the evolving Cosmos Paul Wallace Fortress Press, US, 2015, 153pp A Christian scientist brings faith & science together to inspire reading of the natural world in new ways & God
20.00 STORIES OF SHARED HOUSES: A Set of Four Accounts Mary Rose (Ed) Mary Rose Four Books on Women Co housing in New Zealand- reflections and experiences
20.00 SUM: Forty Tales from the afterlives David Eagleman Cannongate, Britain, 2009 A new idea about heaven. Fills contemporary longing for a secular holy book. Challenges us to live everyday
32.00 SUSTAINABLE LIFE, A Douglas Gwyn FGC Quaker Press, US, 2014, 178pp Faith and Practice in the renewal of creation -a vision of a sustainable Quaker way as Friends & a Meeting
20.00 TANGLED ROOTS Judith Child Quaker Book Sales, NZ, 2008, 63pp Collection of poems by a New Zealand Friend
25.00 TAPESTRY THREADS Janz NZ, 2001 New Zealand CD of Music and history of Quakers, Fox, Fell, Woolman etc
26.00 THE QUAKERS: A Very Short Introduction Pink Dandelion Oxford, Britain 2008, 142pp Illus History and beliefs in very readable format from well known Quaker writer and tutor
9.00 THIS I WARN YOU IN LOVE Catie Gill and Elaine Hobby The Kindlers, Britain, 2013, 44pp Witness of some early Quaker women.Prison and justice writings, stirring!! Includes readings on CD
40.00 THIS WE CAN SAY: Australian Quaker Life, Faith and Thought Australia Yearly Meeting Australia Yearly Meeting, 2008, 352pp Illus Australian Faith and Practice
21.00 THROUGH A GLASS DARKLY David Boulton Dales Historical Monographs, Britain, 2016, 72pp A defense of Quaker nontheism
24.00 THROUGH THE EYE OF A NEEDLE John-Paul Flintoff Permanent Publications, Britain, 2009, 217pp Illus a mindless consumer one day, but then? Looks at influence of clothing, the economy and life itself on us
13.50 THROUGH US,NOT FROM US Rex Ambler et al The Kindlers, Britain, 2015, 53pp Vocal ministry and Quaker Worship
41.00 TO BE BROKEN AND TENDER: A Quaker theology for today Margery Post Abbott Western Friends, US, 2010, 242pp Quaker history and theology- willingness to risk being tender and broken allows the Light to move within us
6.95 TO MARTIN LUTHER KING WITH LOVE: A Southern Quakers Tribute David W Pitre Pendle Hill Pamphlet 254, US, 1984, 36pp Reflection on years appreciating the writings of M. L King. PHP 254
6.95 TOUCHED BY GOD in Quaker Meeting Kenneth Carroll Pendle Hill Pamphlet 338, US, 1998, 32pp Title says it all
14.00 TRANSCENDING NEOLIBERALISM Jane Kelsey Aotearoa New Zealand Yearly Meeting, 2017,32pp 2017 Quaker Lecture. Moving from a state of denial to progressive transformation
28.00 TRUTH OF THE HEART Rex Ambler Quaker Books, London, 2001, 202pp examines writings of George Fox& puts them into day's context and develops our spirituality- very popular
13.00 TWELVE QUAKERS AND DEATH Quaker Quest Quaker Quest, Britain,2017, 40pp Latest in series. Quakers and eternal life, attitude to death and coping with loss
10.00 TWELVE QUAKERS AND EQUALITY Quaker Quest Quaker Quest, Hampstead Meeting, Britain, 2007, 40pp Twelve Quakers reflect on their experience of Equality
10.00 TWELVE QUAKERS AND EVIL Quaker Quest Quaker Quest, Hampstead Meeting, Britain, 2006, 36pp Twelve Quakers reflect on their experience of Evil
10.00 TWELVE QUAKERS AND FAITH Quaker Quest Quaker Quest, Britain, 2009, 36pp Twelve Quakers write what their faith means to them
10.00 TWELVE QUAKERS AND GOD Quaker Quest Quaker Quest, Hampstead Meeting, Britain, 2004 31pp Twelve Quakers reflect on their experience of God
10.00 TWELVE QUAKERS AND JESUS Quaker Quest Quaker Quest, Hampstead Meeting, Britain, 2007, 35pp Twelve Quakers reflect on their experience of Jesus
10.00 TWELVE QUAKERS AND PACIFISM Quaker Quest Quaker Quest, Hampstead Meeting, Britain, 2005, 36pp Twelve Quakers reflect on their experience of Pacifism
10.00 TWELVE QUAKERS AND PRAYER Quaker Quest Quaker Quest, Britain,2015, 40pp The latest in this popular series. Short focussed discussions on various Quaker beliefs and practices
10.00 TWELVE QUAKERS AND SIMPLICITY Quaker Quest Quaker Quest, Hampstead Meeting, Britain, 2006 35pp Twelve Quakers reflect on their experience of Simplicity
10.00 TWELVE QUAKERS AND TRUTH Quaker Quest Quaker Quest, Britain, 2013, 40pp From a great sderies. Short and to the point about Quaker beliefs
10.00 TWELVE QUAKERS AND WORSHIP Quaker Quest Quaker Quest, Hampstead Meeting, Britain, 2004 32pp Twelve Quakers reflect on their experience of Worship
25.00 TWELVE STEPS TO A COMPASSIONATE LIFE Karen Armstrong Bodley Head, London, 2011, 215pp Examines the religions of the world & neuroscience finding compassion is hardwired but our instincts over ride
5.00 TWO BROTHERS - Sale to Clear Ben Elton Black Swan, Britain, 2012, 621pp Brothers growing up under the Nazis raised by the same parents, one is Jewish, his adopted brother is Aryan
41.00 TWO BROTHERS AND A CHOCOLATE FACTORY Juliet Clare Bell and Jess Mikhail Bournville Village Trust, Britain, 2016, Hard back, larger format Illus The remarkable story of Richard and George Cadbury. Children's book but for all ages
19.00 UNAPOLOGETIC;why despite everything Christianity can still make emotional sense Francis Spufford Faber and Faber, London 2012, 224pp Muscular counter attack against Richard Dawkins showing that belief need not mean abandoning intelligence
5.00 UNDERGROUND RAILWAY, THE: A selection of authentic narratives- Sale price to clear William Still Arcturus,Britain, 2017, 400pp First published in 1872, an edited version with a powerful account of a major event for slaves and Quakers
16.00 UNEXPECTED HERO, AN Linda P Hansen Createbooks, NZ, 2014, 145p (online teachers resource available) A 12 year old in rural NZ district has to make a speech in public, on WW1 pacifist Archibald Baxter, good idea?
27.00 UNIVERSE AS REVELATION Jo Farrow and Alex Wildwood Pronoun Press, London, 2013, 181pp Ecomystical theology for Friends. Combining spiritual & environmentalist wisdom to think about God & creation
16.00 VISIONING NEW FIRE working for Quaker renewal The Kindlers The Kindlers, Britain, 2013, 72pp plus CD Significant cross section of contemporary Quakers met for an intensive exploration of revitalising Friends
14.00 WAGING PEACE Pamela Haines Pendle Hill Pamphlet 420, US, 2012, 35pp Army of non violent warriors who hope, grieve, listen, welcome conflict, mend, speak truth & cultivate courage
25.00 WE'RE GOING TO MEETING! Stacey Currie Stacey Currie, US, Illus Colourful children's book about Meeting. Primary age
20.00 WHAT CANST THOU SAY? Janet Scott Quaker Books, London, 1980 (republisged 2007), 88pp Swarthmore Lecture 1980. Towards a Quaker Theology
17.00 WHAT DOES LOVE REQUIRE OF US? David Brown The Kindlers, Britain, 2017, 60pp Promptings towards love in action. Without love we are nothing. How to practice this in our daily lives.
16.00 WHAT IS GOD? Etan Boritzer Firefly Book, US, 1990, Illus Delightfully Illus.rated children's book, not just Christian.
10.00 WHAT WE KNOW, WHAT WE SAY AND WHAT WE DO Bryan Bruce Yearly Meeting, New Zealand, 31pp 2015 Quaker Lecture.Economic decisions are moral decisions. Poverty in New Zealand
14.00 WHAT WE STAND ON Paul Christiansen Pendle Hill Pamphlet 429, US, 2014, 29pp Calls Quakers to account for how well we face the seeds of war within our own lives
12.00 WHAT'S THE PASSWORD FOR JESUS? Chuck Fager Kimo Press, US, 2010, 40pp Illus Quaker FAQs for Younger Friends
36.00 WITH A TENDER HAND: a resource book for eldership and oversight Zelie Gross Quaker Books, Britain, 2015, 432pp Quaker Life commissioned this comprehensive handbook to provide confident Eldership and Oversight
22.00 WITHOUT BUDDHA I COULD NOT BE A CHRISTIAN Paul Knitter Oneworld, Britain, 2009, 240pp Ground breaking, rarest combination of theological acumen. Humility and humour- renews our faith
15.00 WORDS Harvey Gillman The Friend, Britain, 2016,36pp Can we still use and relate to religious vocab in today's world?
35.00 WORSHIP IN SONG: A Friends Hymnal Friends General Conference Friends General Conference, US, 1996, 404pp Cloth Bound Song book and hymnal with music and words
19.00 WORSHIP KIT, THE John Lampen Quaker Books, London, 2010, 46pp Illus A Young Person's Guide to Quaker Worship
17.00 YOU ARE MY WITNESSES Thomas Gates Pendle Hill Pamphlet 435, US, 2015, 34pp Book of Isaiah, Early Friends experience, our testimonies today?
40.00 ZEN SHORTS Jon J Muth Scholastic, US, 2005, Illus Large Format Classic Zen stories that abound with enlightenment and love for all age children
10.00 ZEN TIES Jon J Muth Scholastic, US, 2008, Illus Large Format All age children will be disarmed by this tale that reaffirms importance of our ties to one another