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Establishment of the Settlement

The Settlement was established as a Charitable Trust of the Religious Society of Friends in Aotearoa/New Zealand on a block of land that had been associated with the NZ Friends School that ran in Wanganui from 1920-1970.

A decision was made in 1974 to establish an intentional community focused on creating and maintaining a centre for Quaker sharing and learning for Quakers around the country. The Whanganui Educational Settlement Trust (WEST) is made up of representatives of the nine Quaker (regional) Monthly Meetings together with 3 Settler representatives. It meets twice a year (May and November) at the Settlement. The Trust owns all the land, buildings and houses. Settlers occupy the available houses on a “Licence to Occupy” issued by the Trust. The Trust has a number of rental houses, some occupied by long-term Settlers, others available for sojourners or those wishing to try community life.