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Quaker Groups, Committees and Organisations
Yearly Meeting Aotearoa/New Zealand has formed a number of committees, where interested people can gather to work on behalf of the Yearly Meeting on a wide range of issues. This section contains information on these groups, with reference to some separate pages.  For further information on any of these groups, contact either the Yearly Meeting Clerk or the relevant person from the contact list.
Quaker Peace and Service Aotearoa/New Zealand  Information about Quaker Peace and Service Aotearoa/New Zealand (QPSANZ).
Futures Committee

Wouldn’t it be great if Quakers all around the country were sharing their ideas on how we could, individually and collectively, work towards a better future?

Quaker Investment Ethical Trust (QIET)  The Quaker Investment Ethical Trust (QIET) aim to provide an ethical savings, investment and loan service in a way that reflects Quaker concerns.
Wider Quaker Fellowship Newsletter  aims to keep Friends who have difficulty getting to meetings in touch by correspondence.
The Quaker Settlement  Information about The Quaker Settlement in Whanganui.
Young Friends  Find out about the activities of Young Friends (age 16 to 39). 
Junior Young Friends  Find out about the activities of Junior Young Friends (age 13-15). 
Children's Programmes  Resources which have been used by Children's Meetings around the country. 
YM Committee for Friends for Gay and Lesbian Concerns  A Yearly Meeting Committee for Gay and Lesbian Concerns.
Elders - Funeral Instructions  A link to a download document for Funeral Instructions.
Aotearoa/New Zealand Friends School Trust Administration
Administers funds essentially for educational purposes.
Friends Mutual Assistance Fund
Some financial assistance is available to New Zealand Friends in need. Friends are encouraged to contact their local Overseers concerning this.
Handbook Revision Committee
The Handbook of Practice and Procedure for Friends in Aotearoa/New Zealand is currently being revised. We are now displaying a version on the website which is the Handbook for 2011.  Revisions agreed to during 2011 will be then be published on the website as the Handbook for 2012.
Historial Records Committee
This group is responsible for the collection and archiving of Quaker material.
John Holdsworth Endowment Fund
Some assistance finance is available to New Zealand Friends in need.  Friends are encouraged to contact their local Overseers concerning this.
Library Resources Committee
This is a network of those responsible for libraries at Quaker Meeting Houses. Some catalogues are available.
New Zealand Friends Newsletter
The New Zealand Friends Newsletter is published bi-monthly by a team of Quakers in a particular area. The task is passed on to other regions after a period of time.
New Zealand Friends Trust Board
This is the legal entity for Yearly Meeting. This Trust Board holds title to all property.
Nominations Committee
Nominations Committee is formed to consider and bring forward to Yearly Meeting the names of those people suitable and willing to be appointed to Yearly Meeting positions and committees.