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Quaker Activism in Wellington

Many Quakers are involved in activism of various kinds.  Click through to find some examples.

Quaker Activism in Wellington


Community groups can use our buildings

We like to have community groups use our meeting facilities, which we make available at reasonable cost.  We have two main meeting rooms, toilet and kitchen facilities, and the ability for people to stay overnight in communal low cost accommodation.  Friends House and the Quaker Centre are adjacent at our complex 7 to 8 Moncrieff Street, Mount Victoria, Wellington.

Friends House

The main meeting room can comfortably host meetings of up 35 people.  It has no kitchen of its own but, depending on whether other groups have booked, the adjacent Quaker Centre has good kitchen facilities.  Tea and coffee facilities can be set up in the meeting room.

The Quaker Centre

Quaker Centre

The combined kitchen and meeting room can comfortably host meetings of up to 20 people.  The kitchen includes a stove and oven and is fully stocked with crockery, cutlery, tea and coffee, cooking utensils.


There is a mezzanine loft with mattresses, which means smaller groups can stay overnight.  There is a separate shower downstairs.

George Fox House

Guest accommodation is available at 8 Moncrieff St

If you would like more details about the facilities or availability, or make a booking, please contact Resident Friends on or 04 385 4897.

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