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Wellington Quaker History

There have been a few projects looking at the histories of Wellington Quakers.  Here they are collected on one page.

Wellington Quakers 100 Years Ago

With all the militarised centenary celebrations of WWI, here is a snippet of an alternative rememberance.

Wellington Quakers in WWI

Rigg Family Portrait


Introducing our Friend Connie.

Connie Camfield

I was born in February 1914 and war started in August so I can’t remember the actual war. After all there wasn’t any fighting in England in the First World War, it was all in Europe. I can remember that during the war we used to have people staying, there was always someone staying, somebody new. I think my mother had to take in lodgers. To help with the money. And I can remember my father coming home from the war, probably in 1918. I can remember him coming through the door and I just said, ‘Oh Dad’s back’. That’s it. I didn’t really think much about the war as a kid.

Read more in this biography by Elizabeth Plumridge.

Connie Camfield, ‘born pacifist’: my first 100 years