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Invitation to Contribute


Invitation from Futures Committee
to contribute to the Planning of the Futures Weekend
Dear Friend
The  Quaker Futures Committee invites you to contribute to the planning of a weekend on sustainability that we are organising for the 17-18th March 2012 at the Whanganui Settlement.
The Committee sees sustainability (encompassing climate change) as a key challenge for the future, that there are many people and organisations working to address the issue, and that Quakers collectively, as well as individually, have a  distinctive contribution to make. We also see that sustainability is relevant to important aspects of the constitutional review that YM2012 identified in Minute 11, particularly in terms of relations with future generations and the environment.
Our aim is to help Quakers contribute to sustainability.
The object of the weekend will be to bring together Quaker interests and competencies to contribute to the constitutional review and create a collective action program. In preparation, we wish to engage interested Quakers from around the country in the design of weekend. We also wish to arrange the weekend so that, in addition to the option of coming to Whanganui, Quakers around the country can participate through video links in specific locations. 
We are starting early to gather ideas so that everyone involved has time to reflect in the contributions, and to refine them and enhance them so to give the discussions at the weekend some focus and basis for effective engagement. To this end, we will be compiling the ideas that we receive and making them available for comment, and successively enhancing them in preparation for the weekend. We will be communicating initially via email, and possibly through the web site at a later stage. For the weekend we would be looking at a range of activities, including speakers, practical exercises (e.g. footprint calculation), stories of practical actions, workshops etc. 
The intention of having a distributed event is an important component in addressing sustainability issues. The increasing costs of travel must not be allowed to inhibit the benefits of engagement between people geographically distributed. Further, the structure enables the inclusion of a much wider range of Friends than would otherwise be possible. We realise that there may be problems, and possibly costs, but achieving success in this area would make a considerable contribution to the sustainability of our organisation, and possibly beyond. 
If you are willing to contribute, could you start by responding as you can to the following questions, or alternatively respond in any other form that you would like to. Initial compilations will attribute responses, unless you indicate that you would prefer to be anonymous by starring the relevant response. 
1. What is your response to the overall concept?
2. What types of outcomes would you like to see?
3. What topics do you think should be covered?
4. What experts might we ask to speak?
5. Do you have stories that can contribute to the understanding of sustainability?
6. How is sustainability relevant to the constitutional review?
7. Is there anything you would like to contribute yourself?
8. Do you have any comments about having a distributed event?
9. Other comments?
While we will consider all contributions, the final document for the weekend will need to be condensed and selective to provide the coherence and focus required. 
Please email your responses to
We look forward to your contribution at the earliest opportunity. 
Please pass this invitation on to any other Friend who might be interested. 
In Peace
A/NZ Quaker Futures Committee.