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Job Descriptions for Yearly Meeting posts

This page contains references to downloadable Job Descriptions for a number of Yearly Meeting appointments.

You may click here to read about Information and Guidance for those appointed to YM positions.

For further information on these Job Descriptions,  please contact YM Nominations Committee at:

Aotearoa NZ Friends Newsletter
Alternative to Violence Project Aotearoa
Friends Mutual Assistance Fund
Friends World Committee for Consultation Representative
Futures Committee
Handbook Revision Committee
Junior Young Friends (JYF) Coordinator
Lecture Committee
Nominations Committee
Caring for Quaker Tapestry Photos at The Settlement
Quaker Website Technical Services Team Member
Quaker Members and Attenders List Publishing
Quaker Education Fund
Quaker Peace and Service Aotearoa New Zealand
Quaker Peace and Service Trust
MM Contact Friends for Respect and Safety Committee
YM Treasurer
Treaty Relationships Group
Trust Board Trustees Job Description including the Handbook and Trust Deed
Penal Reform Committee
SG and YM Coordinating Committee
Wider Quaker Fellowship
JD Archivist
JD Oral Historian
JD Quaker Learning and Spiritual Development

The Yearly Meeting Nominations Committee realizes that many committee tasks are learnt on the job.
The roles will evolve as each person brings their own particular strengths and skills to the task. This job description is a guideline.

YM_Job_Description_AotearoaNZ_Friends_Newsletter_2013_01_01.pdf133.29 KB
YM_Job_Description_Alternative to Violence Project Aotearoa_2012_12_01.pdf95.16 KB
YM_Job_Description_JYF_Coordinator_2013_03_10.pdf78.5 KB
YM_Job_Description_Quaker_Education_Fund_2012_12_01.pdf191 KB
YM_Job_Description_Wider_Quaker_Fellowship_Clerk_2012_07_01.pdf7.07 KB
Information_and_Guidance_2013_03.pdf74.99 KB
Responsibility_For_The_Quaker_Tapestry_Photos_At_The_Settlement.pdf254.58 KB
Treaty_Relationships_Group_ Member_Job_Description_2014_03.pdf101.15 KB
YM_Nominations_Committee_Job_Description_2014_03.pdf137.39 KB
Librarian_Job_Description_2014_03.pdf174.19 KB
YM_Futures_Committee_2014.pdf68.59 KB
YM_Treasurer_2014.pdf103.56 KB
YM_job_description_Friends_Mutual_Assistance_Fund.pdf18.77 KB
Lecture_Committee_Job_Des.pdf279.3 KB
YM_Job_Description_QIET_Trustee.pdf123.91 KB
YM_job_description_FWCC_2014.pdf75.05 KB
QPS_Job_Descriptions_2014.pdf55.87 KB
RandS_Committee2014_08.pdf445.91 KB
Contact_Friends_2014_08 .pdf446.97 KB
Handbook_Revision_Committee_Nov'14.pdf95.22 KB
TB_Handbook_Nov_2014.pdf764.15 KB
YM_Job_Description_MembersAndAttendersList_2017_12_24.pdf70.06 KB
YM_Job_Description_Quaker_Webmanager_2017_12_24.pdf66.01 KB
JD Penal Reform Committee.pdf99.11 KB
JD QPS Trust.pdf66.58 KB
JD WEST.pdf138.76 KB
JD Wider Quaker Fellowship.pdf58.46 KB
JD Summer Gathering Coordinating committee.pdf49.7 KB
JD Archivist.pdf147.26 KB
JD Oral Historian.pdf114.9 KB
JD Q Learning Spiritual Dev.pdf122.68 KB