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Wellington Quakers    

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Peace, Truth and Integrity, Justice, Equality and Community, Simplicity, The Earth and the Environment

Welcome to Wellington Quakers

We are a diverse group, spanning all ages, life stages, ethnicities, cultural, religious, political, economic and social backgrounds and beliefs.

We nuture each other's spirituality regardless of individual beliefs and we do this by being in a community, working for peace, justice and equality and being there for one another

We meet for worship and fellowship in a range of settings - the centre of our community is the weekly Meeting for Worship, and we have smaller groups with shared interests in spirituality, social activism, and recreation.

We warmly invite anyone to spend time with us in any of these ways and look forward to meeting you!


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We also have a Wellington Quakers FaceBook page.

Contact: Resident Friends 04-385-4897 email

About Quakers

Two leaflets we have prepared for people new to Quakers:

About Quakers

Welcome to Meeting

Key Links

About Quakers on the Quakers in Aotearoa website

A booklet about Quakers in Aotearoa

Quakers in Nelson

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Meetings for Worship:


Each Sunday, 10:30am at the Meeting House, 7 Moncrieff St Mt Victoria, Wellington
Each Wednesday, 12:15pm at the Meeting House

Children's Meeting
Each 3rd Sunday, 10:30am Children's Meeting at the Quaker Centre

Hutt Valley:
Each 4th Sunday, 10:00am at Petone Community House, 6 Britannia St, Petone

2014 Swarthmore Lecture

In February a group of us met to watch then discuss a video of the 2014 Swarthmore Lecture given by Ben Pink Dandelion at Britain Yearly Meeting which some people found inspiring but other people found controversial.  For me it had bits of both.

Unfortunately we ran out of time just as the discussion got interesting, so we'll be meeting in March to continue talking about it.  If anyone missed the screening but would like to join the discussion, you could catch up by watching the video on YouTube. This Woodbrooke Centre page has more information, including links to a donwloadable mp3 version and a Quaker Bookshop where the you can buy the book.



The 2014 Swarthmore Lecture was given by Quaker author and academic Ben Pink Dandelion. Ben’s lecture explores the theme of transformation, ending with a call for us as Quakers to return to a transforming and transformational faith:

“I use the term ‘transforming’ to refer to how early Quakers were transformed in their spiritual experience, how they tried to transform the world around them, how the tradition has transformed, and how we can be transformed, transform our Meetings today and act as agents of transformation in the world, all of which is what it means to be a Quaker in the world today.”

The lecture took place during Britain Yearly Meeting Gathering at the University of Bath, 2nd to 9th August 2014 with the theme “what it means to be a Quaker today”.

Mark  Why am I a Quaker?

Some more Quakers in Wellington

Helping our Community

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