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New Books to Nov 2019

20.00 ANIMATING FREEDOM: Accompanying Indigenous struggldes for self determination Jason MacLeod Australia Yearly Meeting, 2019, 62pp Illus Learning about accompanying Aboriginal people in struggle for self dertemination & how this might speak to Quakers
36.00 ARE WE DONE FIGHTING? Matthew Legge Canadian Friends Service Committee &New Society, 2019, 324pp Building understanding in a world of hate and division- from Canadain Friends
18.00 BUILDING BRIDGES Elizabeth O'Sullivan Pendle Hill Pamphlet 458, US, 2019, 30pp Much to learn today from ancient people in the Bible who bridged barriers that separated people
19.00 DAY WAR CAME, THE Nicola Daviies and Rebecca Cobb Walker Books, Britain, 2018, Illus. Large size How to talk to children about war. Hopeful eyes of a child. Endorseed by Amnesty International
25.00 EVIE AND THE ANIMALS Matt Haig Cannongate, Britain, 2019, 243pp Illus Hardback Delightful children's book about daring to be yourself. Older primary age group
40.00 GENERATION Y, SPIRITUALITY AND SOCIAL CHANGE Justine Afra Huxley (Ed) Jessica Kingsley, London, 2019, 284pp Young people are doing faith differently with it no longer a private matter but integrating it with activism & needed change
26.00 GUIDED LIFE, THE Craig Barnett Quaker Quicks, Christian Alternative, UK, 2019, 69pp Quaker wisdom for finding an inward source of purpose in everyday life in a time of complex challenges
20.00 HAVE YOU FILLED A BUCKET TODAY? Carol McCloud and David Messing Bucket Fillers, US, 2016, Ilus A guide to daily happiness for children
28.00 LET'S MAKE YOGA MAGIC Heather Leah and Sandi Sonke Familius Com, US, 2019. Illus Hardbound Primary age children. Pull the levers, turn the wheels, watch thirteen schildren come to life and learn life skills
15.00 LIVING ADVENTUROUSLY David Brown and Rosemary Brown The Kindlers, Britain, 2019, 68pp Experiencing Quaker tesitimonies in Spirit and in the world
25.50 LOST ART OF SCRIPTURE, THE Karen Armstrong Bodley Head, London, 2019, 549pp The holy texts are not for narrow reading of rules. Rengagement today can curtail ignorance, intolerance & violence
26.00 MONEY AND SOUL Pamela Haines Quaker Quicks, Christian Alternative, UK, 2018, 68pp If money troubles your soul, try this down to earth Quaker perspective on economies large and small
18.00 NATURAL UNFOLDING, AN Donna Eder Pendle Hill Pamphlet 457, US, 2019, 30pp Illness brought family closer to each other and God and the Spirit. Using dreams and journaling to see life transformed
26.00 PRACTICAL MYSTICS Jennifer Kavanagh Quaker Quicks, Christian Alternative, UK, 2018, 70pp Are Quakers mystics? What does that mean? How does that translate into how we are and what we do in the world?
14.00 SEEN AN UNSEEN Peter Jarman The Kindlers, Britain, 2018, 57pp Ways of being along Quaker and Buddhist paths
40.00 VOICES OF MODERN ISLAM Declan Henry Jessica Kingsley, London, 2018, 327pp What it means to be a Muslim today
26.00 WHY I AM A PACIFIST Tim Gee Quaker Quicks, Christian Alternative, UK, 2018, 74pp Short clear comprehensive explanation of pacifism that covers all the bases & doesn't shy away from difficult questions
32.00 WORDS OUT OF SILENCE Jill Segger Ekklesia, Britain, 2019, 155pp A Quaker writer using poetry and prose on a journey of how to respond to turmoil in today's world
18.00 WORKINGS OF THE SPIRIT OF GOD WITHIN, THE David Johnson Pendle Hill Pamphlet 459. US, 2019, 30pp George Fox and first Quakers named ways the Spirit of God/Christ worked for them. Revisiting these can help us today