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Opportunities for Collective and Political Action

Options for Participating in

Collective and Political Action on Climate Change

 GLOBE – NZ  (Global Legislators for a Balanced Environment) is a cross party coalition of 33 MPs on environmental issues, particularly climate change.  They have recently contracted Vivid Economic to prepare a report “Net Zero in NZ” analysing several scenarios responding to climate change to provide a basis for national discussion. This report provides an increased political legitimacy to the climate change debate.

Generation Zero which has for some time preparing a campaign for specific climate change legislation, has now announced its Carbon Zero Act based on successful overseas examples, particularly the UK.

NZ Climate Declaration . A coalition involving Jeanette Fitzsimons is promoting this statement of what we need to do to address the issues effectively.

Climate Petition. John Gleisner initiative, supported by Futures Committee. This provides a simple process to seek support for great government action on climate change from other Quakers and members of the public. It can be an opportunity to engage with the public, and be a form of outreach.

Download the petition,  and the associated brochure.

Auckland Anglican Diocese “Cherished Earth”.

Royal Society of NZ  have brought scientific resources together to address the issues of mitigation options for NZ  and climate change implications for NZ.

350 Aotearoa  Focussing on divestment  of  fossil fuel industries.

Local Governments, especially Regional Government. Many of these are considering climate change in some way. They should be open to enquiries about what they are doing, and what is considered in their Long Term Plans. These plans are up for review early  in 2018, so they should be open to submissions.  Note the Local Government NZ (LGNZ) Climate Change Declaration which was signed by many mayors in 2015.

Greenpeace promotes practical action to raise awareness on climate change issues. 

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