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QIET Structure and Strategies

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The Trust is under the jurisdiction of the Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends in Aotearoa/New Zealand. It is responsible for appointing the Trustees and terminating or renewing these appointments.  The Trustees are responsible for:

·          Reporting to Yearly Meeting annually

·          Reporting to investors and borrowers

·          Handling loan applications

·          Advertising QIET services



·          To attract deposits and provide lending for approved projects.

·          To establish operational systems to minimise overheads and to engage professional and technical services when appropriate. (The Trustees are serving in an honorary capacity.)

·          To deposit money into appropriate investments compatible with the ethical basis of the Trust.

·          To distribute profits to investors by setting a rate of return, adjustable from time to time, whilst allowing for the normal establishment of contingency funds and liquidity levels.


Controls and limitations

·          The Trustees would not normally approve a loan that used more than 10% of all deposits with the Trust.

·          The Trustees would normally keep 25% of deposits in bank accounts as liquid assets.

·          All lending is to be secured. There will be contractual agreements appropriately secured and registered where necessary as follows:

i.      A limit of 70% of the valuation of any property using residential property as security.

ii.     A limit of 60% of the valuation of any property using business property as security.

iii.    If the borrower cannot provide security, this may be provided by two guarantors acceptable to QIET. The guarantors are both liable for the loan.


For further information, contact the QIET administrator:


Note: QIET’s creditworthiness is not rated by a rating agency approved by the Reserve Bank under section 157J of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand Act 1989. QIET operates under an exemption to have a credit rating as QIET has less than $20 million, making it unduly onerous and burdensome to comply with the requirement under the Act to have a credit rating. If you have queries please contact the QIET administrator:


You can download QIET Annual Reports from the Charities Commission website