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QPSANZ - Quaker Peace and Service Aotearoa/New Zealand


Contact email
Postal: 50 Glenross St, Glenross, Dunedin 9011
QPSANZ welcomes donations to further their work. Link
QPSANZ account is Kiwibank 38 9004 0795614 01

The treasurer is John Kavermann,
Contributions over $5 are tax deductable, within IRD limits.

QPSANZ is expected to further Friends' Peace Testimony, both in its negative side - opposition to war and violence - and in its positive promotion of human cooperation. At present most energies go into the positive side: for aid and development projects with overseas partners - see photo below.
But we have not forgotten the traditional "Peace Movement" opposition to all war, militarism, weapons and preparation for war. In 2009 our commitment to nuclear disarmament saw us grant the Loxley Award to Alyn Ware, the Wellington-based campaigner for a Nuclear Weapons Convention, and write to all MPs on this matter. One of our members is active in the work against uranium weapons (a ban in NZ would add momentum to international moves).
Girls at Sohagpur Girls School (supported by QPSANZ) cooking:
Girls at Sohagpur Girls School cooking

Local Peace Grants

QPSANZ's "Local Peace Grants" try to boost the morale and the finances of small groups in NZ seeking to strengthen peace, cooperation and understanding, often on the grassroots level (inspired by the local/global thinking of Maggie Glover, the English-born peace artist who settled here).
Local Peace Grants application forms can be found below, the maximum per grant is $1000. Applications close on 30th April and 15th September. The grant is open to all.
Loxley Award
The Loxley Award has been established to assist New Zealanders, Quakers or non-Quakers to undertake a study programme or project of their choosing, in New Zealand or abroad, which promotes understanding of peace, justice and environmental issues.
The 2016 Loxely Award winner is Ema Tagicakibau
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