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Quaker Book Sales - General Subjects

65.00 BARCLAY'S APOLOGY IN MODERN ENGLISH Dean Frieday (Ed) Sessions, Britain, 1967, 464pp Journey from Calvinism to Roman Catholicism and then Quakerism.
24.00 CAPITALIST REALISM:Is There No Alternative? Mark Fisher Zero Books, London, 2009, 81pp After 1989 capitalism presented as only realistic political economic system but?
25.00 CHRISTIAN THOUGHT: A Brief History Adrian Hastings and others (Eds) Oxford, Britain, 2000, 176pp Journey through Christianity to help understand its vitality & diversity in one compact book
38.00 CHURCHLESS FAITH, A Alan Jamieson SPCK, Britain, 2002, 179pp What can be offerred to those who leave the Church but want a journey of faith
13.00 COMING INTO FRIENDSHIP AS A GIFT Christina Van Regenmorter Quaker Press (FGC), US, 2008, 28pp The Journey of a young adult Friend into Quakerism
27.00 CONVICTIONS Marcus Borg SPCK, Britain, 2014, 237pp His convictions about Christianity & his mystical experiences & his championing progressive Christianity
9.00 DEEP ROOTS? Simon Webb Simon Webb (Durham Friends), Britain, 2007, 44pp Where did George Fox and the early Quakers get their inspiration? Did they know mystics?
23.00 DISCERNMENT AND INNER KNOWING Joycelin Dawes FeadaRead Publishing, Woodbrooke, Britain, 2017, 126pp A Quaker compares Quaker discernment & Theory U of decision making - aids understanding of Quaker process
12.00 DYNAMICS OF AN UNPROGRAMMED MEETING FOR WORSHIP Mary R Hopkins Friends General Conference, US, 1999, 24pp An introduction to Meeting
22.00 EINSTEIN & THE ART OF MINDFUL CYCLING Ben Irvine Leaping Hare Press, Britain, 2012, 144pp Hardback The end result is an exhilarating philosophy for our times; and a celebration of balance
43.00 ESSAYS IN QUAKER HISTORY David Rubinstein Quacks Books, Britain, 2016, 294pp Illus A wealth of illustrated Quaker history from Britain and beyond
25.00 ESSENCE OF GEORGE FOX'S JOURNAL, THE Hunter Lewis Axious Press, US, 2012, 260pp Pares the Journal to its essence, helps understanding and still comprehensive with introduction & notes
15.00 EVERYDAY PROPHETS Margery Post Abbott Australia Yearly Meeting, 2016, 43pp 2016 Backhouse Lecture. Interplay of faith and action, from a scholar,activist, sailor and Quaker
17.00 EXERCISE OF SPIRITUAL AUTHORITY WITHIN THE MEETING, THE Lloyd Lee Wilson School of the Spirit, US, 2014, 20pp Helps us to be faithful listeners and responders to inward Light of the Divine
10.00 FAITH IN THE FAITH OF EMPIRE- Sale price to clear Mitri Raheb Orbis Books, US, 2014, 166pp Fourth printing The Bible through Palestinian eyes. Gives us a different challenging perspective on the issues and Jesus
5.00 FAITHFUL VOICES Ed Schwartz Friends General Conference, US, 2006, 98pp Illus Oral Readings. Exploring beliefs in action.A bio, some quotes and queries on a range of wellknowns
5.00 FINDING GOD IN EACH MOMENT Carol Smith and Eugene Merz Ave Maria Press, US, 2006, 222pp From a Christian God centred & Catholic approach but many valuable insights and methods for Quaker use
5.00 IMAGINATION & SPIRIT J Brent Bill (Ed) FUP, US, 2002, 257pp A contemporary Quaker reader
5.00 INTRODUCTION TO QUAKER TESTIMONIES, AN American Friends Service Committee American Friends Service Committee, US, 2012, 22pp Illus The Testimonies along with the Queries in AFSC context and how they are used-practical examples
23.00 JESUS BEFORE CHRISTIANITY Albert Nolan Orbis Books, US, 1976, 25th Anniversary and 16th Printing 2017 196pp. Very popular 0n the man before he became enshrined in doctrine, dogma and ritual. The real man then
40.00 JOURNAL AND MAJOR ESSAYS OF JOHN WOOLMAN Phillip Moulton (Ed) Friends United Press, US, 1989, 336pp New edition, all relevant manuscripts, some newly found.
10.00 KIWI DRAGON Bill Willmott New Zealand Yearly Meeting, 2009, 48pp Illus Quaker Centennial Lecture 2009. The Chinese in Aotearoa New Zealand:History, Culture, Hope
29.00 LANGUAGE FOR THE INWARD LANDSCAPE, A Brian Drayton and William Taber Tract Association, US, 2015, 180pp Hardback Spiritual wisdom for the Quaker movement - descriptions of inner experiences
28.00 LET YOUR LIFE SPEAK Parker J Palmer Jossey Bass, US, 2000, 117pp Hardback Listening to the voice of vocation from well known author
20.00 LIVING ELDERSHIP Jenny Routledge Quaker Books, Britain, 2014, 120pp Complex idea of Eldership in Friends, includes a practical course guide on Eldership & deepening the Meeting
5.00 MEETING TIPS Martha Smith Martha Smith, US, 2007, A4 format Illus. Thirteen short introductions for Meeting for Worship to help primary age understand
22.00 MINDFULNESS JOURNAL, THE Corinne Sweet Boxtree, London, 2014, Illus Exercises to help you find peace and calm where ever you are. Recommended by Quakers London
9.00 MOVING INTO MEMBERSHIP Quaker Books Quaker Books, Britain, 2003, 71pp Vol 8 of Eldership and Oversight handbooks for pastoral care in assisting in this area
10.00 NO-NONSCENSE GUIDE TO RELIGION Symon Hill New Internationalist, 2010, Britain, 133pp a modern view of the positives and negatives
27.00 PATTERNS AND EXAMPLES: Experiencing The Spirit of Other Faiths Peter Jarman and Eva Tucker (Eds) William Sessions, Britain, 2005, 156pp Quakers acknowledge all human beings through the experience of the spirit of other faiths
10.00 PERSONALITY AND PLACE: The Life and Times of Pendle Hill- Sale Price to Clear Douglas Gwyn Plain Press, US, 2014, 499pp The story of a Quaker Centre for study and contemplation
30.00 PLAIN LIVING: A Quaker Path To Simplicity Catherine Whitmire Sorin Books, US, 2001, 192pp More than simplicity,an unprogrammed tradition daily reader in style of Quaker F & Practice
40.00 PRESENCE AND PROCESS Daniel P Coleman Barclay Press, US, 2017, 230pp Brings Christianity and Buddhism together in this new age of minfulndess and non Church going & Quakers
19.00 PRESENCE IN THE MIDST, THE Peter J Eccles Quaker Books, London, 2009, 156pp 2009 Swarthmore Lecture. How do we discern well together and make sense of our world and experience
26.00 QUAKER PRAYER LIFE, A David Johnson Inner Light Books, US, 2013, 80pp How did early Quakers pray? Inward preparation for our outer lives
25.00 QUAKERISM:A Theology for Our Time Patricia Williams Infinity Publishing, US, 2008, 198pp Written for general reader and for our time now, the first substantial work of Quaker theology since Barclay
17.00 QUAKERS Peter Furtado Shire Publications, Britain, 2013, 64pp, Illust A brief history and explanation of Quaker beliefs- well illustrated
14.00 REVELATION and REVOLUTION Steve Chase Pendle Hill Pamphlet 431, US, 2015, 36pp Answering the call for radical faithfulness- with discussion questions
10.00 SELECTIONS FROM THE WRITINGS OF JAMES NAYLER Brian Drayton Mosher, New England Meeting, US, 2001, Second Edition,79pp Selections plus a sketch of his life
10.00 SIN: The Early History of An Idea- Sale Price to clear Paula Fredriksen Princeton University, US, 2012, 209pp Illus Hardback Traditional Jewish views on sin transmuted into Christianity, but in different waysand views?
10.00 SOUL OF SUPERVISION, THE- Sale Price to Clear Margaret Benefield and Geraldine Holton, Eds Morehouse, US, 2010, 204pp Integrating practice and theory, and bringing a spiritual dimension to supervision
23.00 STARS BENEATH US; Finding God in the evolving Cosmos Paul Wallace Fortress Press, US, 2015, 153pp A Christian scientist brings faith & science together to inspire reading of the natural world in new ways & God
21.00 THROUGH A GLASS DARKLY David Boulton Dales Historical Monographs, Britain, 2016, 72pp A defense of Quaker nontheism
28.00 TRUTH OF THE HEART Rex Ambler Quaker Books, London, 2001, 202pp examines writings of George Fox& puts them into day's context and develops our spirituality- very popular
10.00 TWELVE QUAKERS AND TRUTH Quaker Quest Quaker Quest, Britain, 2013, 40pp From a great sderies. Short and to the point about Quaker beliefs
25.00 TWELVE STEPS TO A COMPASSIONATE LIFE Karen Armstrong Bodley Head, London, 2011, 215pp Examines the religions of the world & neuroscience finding compassion is hardwired but our instincts over ride
5.00 TWO BROTHERS - Sale to Clear Ben Elton Black Swan, Britain, 2012, 621pp Brothers growing up under the Nazis raised by the same parents, one is Jewish, his adopted brother is Aryan
5.00 UNDERGROUND RAILWAY, THE: A selection of authentic narratives- Sale price to clear William Still Arcturus,Britain, 2017, 400pp First published in 1872, an edited version with a powerful account of a major event for slaves and Quakers
10.00 WHAT WE KNOW, WHAT WE SAY AND WHAT WE DO Bryan Bruce Yearly Meeting, New Zealand, 31pp 2015 Quaker Lecture.Economic decisions are moral decisions. Poverty in New Zealand
22.00 WITHOUT BUDDHA I COULD NOT BE A CHRISTIAN Paul Knitter Oneworld, Britain, 2009, 240pp Ground breaking, rarest combination of theological acumen. Humility and humour- renews our faith
15.00 WORDS Harvey Gillman The Friend, Britain, 2016,36pp Can we still use and relate to religious vocab in today's world?