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Quaker Book Sales - Peace Issues

14.00 CONSCIENCE: A World War 1 Critical Thinking Project Britain Yearly Meeting Britain Yearly Meeting, 2014, 33p A4 size, Illus A primary school focused teacher resource
28.00 CONTEMPLATIVE PRAYER Thomas Merton Image/Doubleday, US, 1969, 94pp How peace contacted through meditation not to evade contemporary life, but directed out to positive change
14.00 CONVICTION: A World War 1 Critical Thinking Project Britain Yearly Meeting Britain Yearly Meeting, 2014, 54p A4 size, Illus A secondary school focused teacher resource
16.00 FAITH, POWER AND PEACE Diana Francis Quaker Books, Britain, 2015, 89pp 2015 Swarthmore Lecture.Affirms how non violence can provide a radically different international relations model
19.00 HOLDING FAITH: creating peace in a violent world David Gee Quaker Books, London, 2011, 144pp Refusing to allow past violations to determine our present & future choices, cycles of violence can be broken
2.00 INVENTING THE FUTURE Alternatives To Violence Project 2009 (NZ) Wordswell Press, NZ, 2009 Account of the precepts and programmes of the workshops
14.00 MENDING BROKEN HEARTS, REBUILDING SHATTERED LIVES Esther Mombo and Cecile Nyiramana Quaker Books, Britain, 2016, 62pp 2016 Swarthmore Lecture. Peacebuilding in East and Central Africa
36.00 MINDFULNESS Mark Williams and Danny Penman Piatkus, Britain, 2012, 278pp A practical guide to finding peace in a frantic world-includes CD of guided meditations
14.00 NONVIOLENT DIRECT ACTION AS A SPIRITUAL PATH Richard K Taylor Pendle Hill Pamphlet 424, US, 2013, 36pp The relationship between spirituality and nonviolent direct action, personal journeys, and discussion questions
5.00 PASSING BELLS W J Foote Glen Press, Christchurch, 2009, 82pp, Illus wars, non violence and common morality
32.00 PEACEFUL PARENTS, PEACEFUL KIDS Naomi Drew Kensington Books, US, 2000, 272pp Practical Ways to create a calm and happy home
13.00 PEACEFUL WORLD, A Marian Hobbs Aotearoa New Zealand Yearly Meeting, 2016,36pp 2016 NZ Quaker Lecture. How can we make it so?
35.00 PRACTICING PEACE:a devotional walk through the Quaker Tradition Catherine Whitmire Green Press, US, 2007, 270pp Quaker tradition of peace making applied to everday situations
14.00 WAGING PEACE Pamela Haines Pendle Hill Pamphlet 420, US, 2012, 35pp Army of non violent warriors who hope, grieve, listen, welcome conflict, mend, speak truth & cultivate courage
14.00 WHAT WE STAND ON Paul Christiansen Pendle Hill Pamphlet 429, US, 2014, 29pp Calls Quakers to account for how well we face the seeds of war within our own lives