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Quaker Book Sales - Pendle Hill Pamphlets

14.00 A DEATH CHOSEN, A LIFE GIVEN Hannah Russell Pendle Hill Pamphlet 432, US, 2015, 30pp How do you find meaning and healing following the suicide of a loved one, her terminally ill husband
18.00 BOYCOTT, DIVESTMENT, AND SANCTIONS Steve Chase Pendle Hill Pamphlet 445, US 2017, 34pp A Quaker Zionist rethinks Palestinian rights- a good history and a rethink
18.00 COMING TO LIGHT Valerie Brown Pendle Hill Pamphlet 446, US, 2017,34pp Cultivating Spiritual Discernment through the Quaker Clearness Committee
18.00 CONFIDENT QUAKERISM Ben Pink Dandelion Pendle Hill Pamphlet 410, 2010, US, 35pp Personally driven reflections on early Friends spirituality applied today with discussion questions
6.95 CONSCIENCE Wilhelm Mensching Pendle Hill Pamphlet 117, US, 1961, 31pp Example of consistent example opposition to Nazism in Germany
18.00 ENLARGING OUR CIRCLE OF LOVE Margaret Fisher Pendle Hill Pamphlet 440, US, 2016, 33pp Compelling challenge of a college science experiment making us reflect on animal life and us
2.00 FACING AND FULFILLING THE LATER YEARS Elsie Marion Andrews Pendle Hill Pamphlet 157, US, 1968, 31pp Presents current way of dealing with problems of aging. PHP 157
18.00 GATHERED MEETING, THE Steven Davison Pendle Hill Pamphlet 444, US, 2017, 34pp The essence of the Quaker way. Historical and current state of this and how to foster it today
11.00 GETTING ROOTED Brian Drayton Pendle Hill Pamphlet 391, US, 2007, 35pp Living in the Cross, looking at our Quaker roots, a path to joy and liberation
11.00 GROUP SPIRITUAL NURTURE: The Wisdom of Spiritual Listening Dalphne Clement Pendle Hill Pamphlet 373, US, 2004, 32pp Intimacy develops over time in Spiritual Nurture Group members connect to the Spirit
18.00 INDIVIDUAL SPIRITUAL DISCERNMENT Jerry Knutson Pendle Hill Pamphlet 443, US, 2017, 34pp How to format methods for receiving individual spiritual guidance
18.00 INNER GUIDE versus INNER CRITIC Rex Ambler Pendle Hill Pamphlet 448, US, 2017, 34pp The journey from judgement to love
18.00 LIVING IN DARK TIMES Rex Ambler Pendle Hill Pamphlet 447, US, 2017,33pp Reflection on current world situation and what is needed for positive change Focus on inner truth and live the truth
7.00 LIVING TRUTH Keith R Maddock Pendle Hill Pamphlet 379, US, 2005, 35pp Spiritual portrait of Pierre Ceresole, Quaker founder of international work camps
18.00 MAKING A PORTRAIT OF JESUS John Lampen Pendle Hill Pamphlet 441, US, 2016,32pp What was Jesus really like? A different man than expected, a man who was intensely alive
18.00 MARKING THE QUAKER PATH: Seven Key Words Plus One Robert Griswold Pendle Hill Pamphlet 439, US, 2016, 34pp Inward experience, discipline, discernment and in a beloved community - the path
18.00 MEETING AT THE CENTER Bruce Birchard Pendle Hill Pamphlet 442, US, 2016, 32pp Living Love and reconciling one with another, personal experiences
18.00 METAPHORS OF MEANING Linda Wilson Pendle Hill Pamphlet 437, US, 2016, 32pp Metaphors for expressing life in the Sprirt from a New Zealander. Examples of how to look at own spirituality
11.00 MIND OF CHRIST,THE Michael Birkel (Ed) Pendle Hill Pamphlet 406, US, 2010, 34pp Bill Taber on Meeting for Business
5.75 NO ROYAL ROAD TO RECONCILIATION Gene Knudsen Hoffman Pendle Hill Pamphlet 321, US, 35pp Healing through the gift of compassionate listening.PHP 321.
17.00 QUIETNESS WITHIN, A Elaine Pryce Pendle Hill Pamphlet 434, US, 2015, 33pp The Quiet Way as Faith and Spirituality
14.00 RECOVERING SACRED PRESENCE IN A DISENCHANTED WORLD Mary Conrow Coelho Pendle Hill Pamphlet 433, US, 2015, 34pp Science and Faith seem contradictory ways for Westerners- this offers a new way of seeing
18.00 SEAL UPON THE HEART, A Michael Birkel Pendle Hill Pamphlet 438, US, 2016, 34pp A celebration of the profoundly love lyrics of theBiblical Song of Songs and how early Friends used its imagery
18.00 SPIRIT LED ELDERING Mearse Larrabee Pendle Hill Pamphlet 392, US, 2007, 35pp Integral to our faith and practice
17.00 SPREADING THE FIRE Debbie Humphries Pendle Hill Pamphlet 436, US, 2015, 32pp Challenging and encouraging Friends through travel in the Ministry
6.95 TO MARTIN LUTHER KING WITH LOVE: A Southern Quakers Tribute David W Pitre Pendle Hill Pamphlet 254, US, 1984, 36pp Reflection on years appreciating the writings of M. L King. PHP 254
6.95 TOUCHED BY GOD in Quaker Meeting Kenneth Carroll Pendle Hill Pamphlet 338, US, 1998, 32pp Title says it all
17.00 YOU ARE MY WITNESSES Thomas Gates Pendle Hill Pamphlet 435, US, 2015, 34pp Book of Isaiah, Early Friends experience, our testimonies today?