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Quaker Book Sales - Poetry

20.00 BRIGHT ACOUSTIC, A Philip Gross Bloodaxe Books, Britain, 2017, 94pp Quaker poet Philip Gross's latest collection contemplates space and sound. Even silence reveals itself
12.00 DODDEREL Sarah Worster Sarah Worster, Britain, 2013 Some grumpy verses to cheer up older people
29.00 FOR WHAT I'VE BEEN GIVEN:The Complete Works of Judith Child Judith Child Quaker Book Sales, NZ, 2010, 284pp Complete works of Judith Child, NZ Quaker, poet and lover of language
24.00 GATHERED: Contemporary Quaker Poets Nick McRae Sundress Publications, US, 2013, 164pp Contemporary Quaker Poets
27.00 SPEAKING SILENCE, A R V Bailey and Stevie Krayer (Eds) Indigo Dreams Publishing, Britain, 2013, 134pp New anthology of Quaker poets, the first for over 100 years, from well known names to exciting newcomers
20.00 TANGLED ROOTS Judith Child Quaker Book Sales, NZ, 2008, 63pp Collection of poems by a New Zealand Friend