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Quaker Book Sales - Social and Person Relationships and Sexuality

26.00 ASSISTED DYING Quentin Fowler et al (Eds) Leeds Area Meeting, Britain, 2016, 154pp Collection of articles from variety of standpoints, professional or deeply personal. Quaker thinkers
12.00 CHANGING THE PRISON SYSTEM Tony Taylor Aotearoa New Zealand Yearly Meeting, 2011, 60pp 2011 Quaker Lecture from Quaker professor of psychology
13.00 COMMITTED RELATIONSHIPS Eldership and Oversight Committee Quaker Books, Britain, 2001, 38pp Volume 6 in handbook series. Practical & inspiring book for those responsible for registering relationships
32.00 COMMUNITY: The Structure of Belonging Peter Block Berrett Koehler, US, 2009, 240pp Exact ways communities can emerge from fragmentation. Deficiencies, interests, entitlement to possibility
16.00 CONFLICT IN MEETINGS Quaker Home Service Quaker Home Service, London, 2005, Second Edition, 82pp Eldership handbook on this important real topic
26.00 COSTING NOT LESS THAN EVERYTHING Pam Lunn Quaker Books, Britain, 2011, 148pp Illus 2011 Swarthmore Lecture. Sustainability and spirituality in challenging times
28.00 COUNTER POWER: Making Change Happen Tim Gee New Internationalist, 2011, Britain, 224pp A single idea which explains why social movements succeed or fail- and a wonderful inspiring book
20.00 CREATION WAS OPEN TO ME, THE Anne Adams (Compilier) Quaker Green Concern, Britain, 1996, 110pp Anthology of Friends' Writings on that of God in all Creation
10.00 DREAMING OF A NEW REALITY- Sale Price to Clear Ted Wachtel International Institute for Restorative Practices, US, 2013, 192pp How RP reduce crime & violence, improve relationships and strenghten society
23.50 EAARTH: Making A Life On A Tough New Planet Bill McKibben St Martins, US, 2011, 261pp Earth is the new Earth- Important strands of environmental thought- a radical manifesto for our survivial
10.00 ENOUGH! The Challenge of a post growth economy Jeanette Fitzsimons Aotearoa New Zealand Yearly Meeting, 2013, 27pp 2013 Quaker Lecture. "A willingness to say I have enough now, the rest is for others, or Nature?"
12.00 FACING DEATH Diana Lampen Friends Book Centre, London, 1979, 77pp Meet and listen to people face their own and others' deaths.
18.00 FAITH IN POLITICS? Catherine West and Andy Hull Quaker Books, Britain, 2017,81pp 2017 Swarthmore Lecture. Quaker MP's inspire Friends to champion the cause of equality in their community
35.00 FORGIVING JUSTICE (Revised Edition) Tim Newell Quaker Home Service, London, 2000, 160pp (Revised 2007) Swarthmore Lecture. Quaker vision for criminal justice
2.00 FROM THE INSIDE OUT David Atwood Australia Yearly Meeting, 2012, 54pp 2012 Backhouse Lecture. Observations on Quaker work at the United Nations
11.00 FUNERALS AND MEMORIAL MEETINGS Ctte of Eldership and Oversight Britain Yearly Meeting, Reprinted 2003 Vol 2 in series for those responsible for eldership and oversight.
14.00 GRIEF, FORGIVENESS, & REEMPTION AS A WAY OF TRANSFORMATION Elaine Pryce Pendle Hill Pamphlet 416, US, 2012, 35pp Traumatic loss of a loved one, spiritual aspects of grief and blessings of acceptance
21.00 HEART OF ONENESS Jennifer Kavanagh Christian Alternative, Britain, 2017, 71pp We find it hard to live together in the world. Oneness the heart of existence and how we can act in the world
26.00 HIDDEN WHOLENESS, A Parker J Palmer Jossey Bass, US, 2004, 208pp Guidance of finding the soul in ourselves and others in a wounded world
8.00 HONOURING THE OTHER Kevin Clements New Zealand Yearly Meeting, 2010, 32pp Illus 2010 Quaker Lecture: Quest for respect, equality and small goodnesses in Aotearoa New Zealand
5.00 INVENTING HEAVEN Amber Carroll & Chris Skidmore (Eds) Sowle Press & Bedfordshire General Meeting, UK, 1999, 122pp Quakers confront the challenges of genetic engineering
29.00 INVESTING IN PEOPLE AND THE PLANET Robert Howell Robert Howell, NZ, 2017, 68pp In a world of ecological disaster & inequality, how can we make a difference? Our investments influence others
15.00 LITTLE BOOK OF RESTORATIVE JUSTICE, THE -Revised and Updated Howard Zehr Good Books, US, 2015, 106pp From the founder of Restorative Justice, revised and updated in the advances in the field
15.00 LITTLE BOOK OF VICTIM OFFENDER CONFERENCING, THE Lorraine Stutzman Amstutz Goodbooks, US, 2009, 89pp Victim offender restorative justice dialogue- practical manual
20.00 LIVING ELDERSHIP Jenny Routledge Quaker Books, Britain, 2014, 120pp A course on Eldership
17.00 MINDING THE FUTURE Christine Davis Quaker Books, London, 2008, 98pp 2008 Swarthmore Lecture. Stewardship-insights from the past. What are we passing on to the future?
39.00 PATHS OF FAITH IN THE LANDSCAPE OF SCIENCE George Strunz, Michael Miller & Keith Helmuth Chapel Street Editions, Canada, 2014, 121pp Three Quakers check their compass
21.00 PEACE KIT: Everyday Peace Making for Young People, THE John Lampen Quaker Books, London, Second Edition 2005, 64pp Illus Dealing with temper, quarrels, arguments etc.
5.00 PRINCIPLES OF SUSTAINABILITY, THE Simon Dresner Routledge, Britain, 2002, 205pp Rapid top level introduction to the origins, evolution and current status of thinking on sustainability
20.00 PUSHING AT THE FRONTIERS OF CHANGE David Blamires Quaker Books, London, 2012, 100pp A memoir of Quaker involvement with homosexuality
23.00 RESTORATIVE JUSTICE POCKETBOOK Margaret Thorsborne & David Vinegrad Teachers Pocket Books, Britain, 2009, 128pp Illus Concise, comprehensive and how to, for schools, but skills and processes applies across other sectors
27.00 SHIFT INTO FREEDOM Loch Kelly Sounds True, US, 2015, 277pp Combines meditation masters, mindfulness & the science together -recommended book by Quakers
25.00 SIMPLICITY MADE EASY Jennifer Kavanagh O Books, Britain, 2011, 68pp Simplicity is not just a lifestyle option, but an attitude of mind, a path for the inner as well as the outer life
20.00 SNAKES AND LADDERS Rachel Brett Quaker Books, London, 2012, 105pp 2012 Swarthmore Lecture. A personal explorationof Quaker work on human rights at the United Nations
25.00 SPIRIT LEVEL, THE Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett Penguin, London, 2010, 347pp Illus Confirms that almost everything is determined not by how wealthy but how equal a society is
10.00 STANDING IN THIS PLACE D James; J Wychel; M Short and L Wilson Aotearoa New Zealand Yearly Meeting, 2014, 60pp 2014 Lecture. An example, how in NZ many Quakers have been involved in supporting Maori self determination
20.00 STORIES OF SHARED HOUSES: A Set of Four Accounts Mary Rose (Ed) Mary Rose Four Books on Women Co housing in New Zealand- reflections and experiences
9.00 THIS I WARN YOU IN LOVE Catie Gill and Elaine Hobby The Kindlers, Britain, 2013, 44pp Witness of some early Quaker women.Prison and justice writings, stirring!! Includes readings on CD
24.00 THROUGH THE EYE OF A NEEDLE John-Paul Flintoff Permanent Publications, Britain, 2009, 217pp Illus a mindless consumer one day, but then? Looks at influence of clothing, the economy and life itself on us
14.00 TRANSCENDING NEOLIBERALISM Jane Kelsey Aotearoa New Zealand Yearly Meeting, 2017,32pp 2017 Quaker Lecture. Moving from a state of denial to progressive transformation
19.00 UNAPOLOGETIC;why despite everything Christianity can still make emotional sense Francis Spufford Faber and Faber, London 2012, 224pp Muscular counter attack against Richard Dawkins showing that belief need not mean abandoning intelligence
17.00 WHAT DOES LOVE REQUIRE OF US? David Brown The Kindlers, Britain, 2017, 60pp Promptings towards love in action. Without love we are nothing. How to practice this in our daily lives.
36.00 WITH A TENDER HAND: a resource book for eldership and oversight Zelie Gross Quaker Books, Britain, 2015, 432pp Quaker Life commissioned this comprehensive handbook to provide confident Eldership and Oversight