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Quaker Book Sales - Spiritual Nurture

25.00 40-DAY JOURNEY WITH PARKER J PALMER Henry French (ed) Augsburg, US, 2008, 107pp Explore your own spirituality under this great thinker's leadership
20.00 ANSWERING THAT OF GOD: discovering Spirit Within Peter Parr The Kindlers, Britain, 2012, 43pp What do we mean when we say "that of God" and what if we lived that way every minute?
24.00 BATTLE FOR GOD, THE Karen Armstrong Ballantine Books, US, 2000, 450pp Helps to understand and bring The Light in fundamentalism. Bestseller. Promotes understanding
25.50 BEYOND WITHIN, THE Derek Guiton FeadaRead Publishing, Woodbrooke, Britain, 2017, 86pp Commentary on Through A Glass Darkly, David Boulton's response to A Man Looks on Glass
9.00 BUT WHO DO YOU SAY THAT I AM Douglas Gwyn The Kindlers, Britain, 2013, 57pp Quakers and Christ today- an overview of various perspectives amongst Quakers today
6.00 CELEBRATING THE QUAKER WAY Ben Pink Dandelion Quaker Books, London, 2009, 28pp Pocketbook devotional book for Quakers
20.00 CHRISTIAN ATHEIST Brian Mountford O Books, Britain, 2011, 131pp Belonging without believing "I don't believe in God but I miss him"
18.00 CHRISTIANITY AND THE INNER LIFE Margery Post Abbott Pendle Hill Pamphlet 402, US, 2009, 36pp 21st Century Reflections on the words of Early Friends
9.00 DEEPLY ROOTED: Alive In The Spirit Marcelle Martin Southeastern Meeting, US, 2009, 32pp Early Quakers presented a more radical alternative understanding of Christ and life in the Spirit so now?
14.00 DOOR IN, THE Renee Crauder Pendle Hill Pamphlet 430, US, 2014, 36pp Combining Jesuit and Quaker practices in the search for the Divine and her finding the gifts of the Spirit
43.00 EASTERN LIGHT Steve Smith QUPublishing, Quaker Universalist Fellowship, US, 2015, 230pp Awakening to presence in Zen, Quakerism and Christianity
19.00 EVERYDAY GOD Paula Gooder Canterbury Press, Britain, 2012, 139pp The spirit of the ordinary, the riches and power of such time
13.50 EXPLORATIONS: discovering a spiritual way Judith Fullard Smith The Kindlers, Britain, 2015, 73pp Unfolds the journeys of some Quakers as they find a spiritual way that speaks to them - good group discussion
21.00 FROM CHRISTIAN TO QUAKER Tony Philpott Quaker Universalist Group Publishing, Britain, 2013, 282pp A spiritual journey from evangelical Christian to universalist Quaker
22.00 GOD, WORDS AND US Helen Rowlands (Ed) Quaker Books, London, 2017, 98pp Britain Yearly Meeting publication. Quakers in conversations about religious differences
35.00 GODLESS for God's Sake David Boulton (Ed) Dales Historical, Britain, 2006, 146pp Nontheism in Contemporary Quakerism
14.00 HEARTFULNESS Valerie Brown Pendle Hill Pamphlet 421, US 2013, 36pp Renewing heart, mind and spirit on retreat and beyond- use of focussed retreat
10.00 INTERFAITH ALTERNATIVE, THE Steven Greenebaum New Society, US, 2012, 156pp Enhancing Spiritual Diversity- how to celebrate each other without loosing the identity of our faith
18.50 LANGUAGE OF LEADINGS, THE Jane Pearn Quaker Books, Britain, 2017, 94pp A reflection on faith, action and concern.How do we discern and respond to a "concern" in our Quaker beliefs
26.00 LIFE LESSONS FROM A BAD QUAKER J Brent Bill Abingdon Press, US, 2016, 177pp A Humble stumble toward simplicity and grace - author has the belief but not the everyday practice
16.00 LIGHT TO LIVE BY: an exploration in Quaker Spirituality Rex Ambler Quaker Books, London, 2002, 60pp Companion volume to "Truth of the Heart"
18.00 LIGHT WITHIN, THE, Then and Now Rex Ambler Pendle Hill Pamphlet 425, US, 2013, 35pp Do Friends have a common understanding of what "Light Within" means, is it the same as Fox understood?
15.00 LITTLE BOOK OF UNKNOWING, A Jennifer Kavanagh Christian Alternative, Britain, 2015, 62pp What if we let go of the need to know? Let go of our habitual familiar ways of thinking?
5.00 LIVING THE HEART OF CHRISTIANITY Marcus Borg and Tim Scorer Harper, US, 2006, 161pp A Guide to putting your faith into action- companion to the book
38.00 MAN THAT LOOKS ON GLASS, A Derek Guiton FeedAReading Publishing, Britain, 2015, 266pp Standing up for God in the Religious Society of Friends
30.00 MEETING JESUS AGAIN FOR THE FIRST TIME Marcus J.Borg Harper SF, US, 1995, 150pp Inspirational account of historical Jesus, not doctrines but relationship with the Spirit
21.00 NO MUD, NO LOTUS Thich Nhat Hanh Parallax Press, US, 2014, 124pp Spiritual Transforming suffering into true joy through mindfulness, stopping and deep concentration- Buddhist
18.00 OPEN FOR TRANSFORMATION Being Quaker Ben Pink Dandelion Quaker Books, Britain, 2014, 113pp 2014 Swarthmore Lecture. To be vibrant and useful we need to be clear about what we are and what we are not.
54.00 OPEN TO NEW LIGHT Leslie Stevenson Imprint Academic, Britain, 2012, 182pp Quaker Spirituality in historical and philosophical context - critical and selective evaluation
11.50 POWER WE CALL GOD, THE Frank Parkinson The Kindlers, Britain, 2011, 44pp Threshing matters. The Power of God in new ways. Designed for group or individual reading
26.00 PROMISE OF PARADOX,THE Parker Palmer Jossey Bass, US, 2008 edition, 145pp Hardback A celebration of the contradictions in the Christian Life
16.00 QUAKER WAY, THE David Johnson South Australian Regional Meeting, 2007, 20pp Serious religion without priest, creed or Eucharist
32.00 QUAKER WAY, THE: a rediscovery Rex Ambler Christian Alternative, Britain, 2013, 159pp an attempt to explain the Quaker Way
14.00 RADICAL HOSPITALITY Lloyd Lee Wilson Pendle Hill Pamphlet 427, US, 2014, 35pp Jesus centred invitation through inclusiveness and letting go of personal cravings
25.00 READING THE BIBLE AGAIN FOR THE FIRST TIME Marcus J Borg Harper, US, 2001, 321pp Taking the Bible seriously but not literally from "Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time" author
14.00 RECLAIMING THE TRANSCENDANT; God In Process Thomas Gates Pendle Hill Pamphlet 422, US, 2013, 36pp God in process, a more believeable God, an energy nudging us to "True North"
21.00 ROAD THAT TEACHES, THE Valerie Brown FGC, US, 2012, 152pp Lessons in transformation through travel.Mindfulness through travel, including the author's visit to New Zealand
23.00 ROOTED IN CHRISTIANITY OPEN TO NEW LIGHT Timothy Ashworth and Alex Wildwood Woodbrooke, Britain, 2009, 115pp Quaker spiritual diversity
12.00 SIGNPOSTS: Quakers exploring Interfaith Eva Tucker and Stephanie Ramamurthy The Kindlers, Britain, 2013, 69pp How some Quakers have explored interfaith encounters and come to new understandings
14.00 SPIRITUAL ACCOMPANIMENT Cathy Walling and Elaine Emily Pendle Hill Pamphlet 428, US, 2014, 36pp Experience of two Friends travelling in the Ministry, a visit to Australia Yearly Meeting
32.00 SPIRITUAL ACTIVISIM Alastair McIntosh and Matt Carmichael Green Books, Britain, 2016, 223pp Leadership as service. Explains spirituality for a modern audience of all faiths & beliefs & what is true leadership
32.00 SUSTAINABLE LIFE, A Douglas Gwyn FGC Quaker Press, US, 2014, 178pp Faith and Practice in the renewal of creation -a vision of a sustainable Quaker way as Friends & a Meeting
13.50 THROUGH US,NOT FROM US Rex Ambler et al The Kindlers, Britain, 2015, 53pp Vocal ministry and Quaker Worship
10.00 TWELVE QUAKERS AND EQUALITY Quaker Quest Quaker Quest, Hampstead Meeting, Britain, 2007, 40pp Twelve Quakers reflect on their experience of Equality
10.00 TWELVE QUAKERS AND FAITH Quaker Quest Quaker Quest, Britain, 2009, 36pp Twelve Quakers write what their faith means to them
27.00 UNIVERSE AS REVELATION Jo Farrow and Alex Wildwood Pronoun Press, London, 2013, 181pp Ecomystical theology for Friends. Combining spiritual & environmentalist wisdom to think about God & creation
16.00 VISIONING NEW FIRE working for Quaker renewal The Kindlers The Kindlers, Britain, 2013, 72pp plus CD Significant cross section of contemporary Quakers met for an intensive exploration of revitalising Friends
20.00 WHAT CANST THOU SAY? Janet Scott Quaker Books, London, 1980 (republisged 2007), 88pp Swarthmore Lecture 1980. Towards a Quaker Theology