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Social Justice

Faith Communities Against Family Violence - A National Statement

Family violence in our communities is one of the most significant moral, spiritual and social challenges that we currently face as a country. As communities of faith in Aotearoa New Zealand, we believe it is our responsibility to take a stand and address this challenge.
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Restorative Justice

Restorative Justice, based on community group conferencing, is a process that brings together victim, offender and other people involved to empower them to work towards reparation, reconciliation and healing. We believe that alternatives to imprisonment should be used more widely. These include diversion, intensive supervision, mediated restitution and community programmes.
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Click here for David Alexander's paper on Whanganui towards a restorative city? Given at the 2016 Seminar on penal reform.

Prison Reform

Proceedings of the Aotearoa/New Zealand Quaker seminar on penal reform – held at the Quaker Settlement, Virginia Road, Whanganui 8-10 April 2016
  The 2016 Seminar on Penal Reform involved Quakers, non-Governmental community agencies, Senior Prison staff and private individuals with expertise to explore vexed questions relating to aspects of crime and its treatment.
  Attitudes towards crime, the design of facilities, and penal policy and practice are not changed overnight. For Quakers the purpose of these seminars is to keep the topic firmly in mind, as we strive to draw out the best from defaulters and those seeking to restore them to society, and lighten the system. The resulting exchange of knowledge and experience is intended to do much to encourage, if not inspire the toilers, while minimising the clamor of those in whom the urge to punish is strong. Tony Taylor.
 The papers are presented in order of their presentation at the seminar.
Click here for brief bio information on the speakers.
David Alexander: Out of the mouths of children, or Whanganui towards a restorative city?
Tony Taylor: Declaring Justice to be a Human Need
Allan Harvey: Updating statistics on the NZ Penal system
Jan Smith: Reform From the Inside
Lindsay Helson: The Drug and Alcohol Treatment Unit in Rimutaka Prison, Upper Hutt
John Wareham: How to fix the broken Kiwi prison system permanently
Linley Gregory & Saskia Schuitemaker: Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) -
Creating Peaceful Pathways

Pat Magill: The Walking Project

Papers and Powerpoint presentations presented at a seminar on penal reform at the Quaker Settlement in 2015
Coralea Easther - RR25%, Reducing Re-Offending
Mike Hinton - Restoring Hope: An Indigenous Response To Justice - on Maori Television
Murray Short - Outcomes for Māori: A challenge to justice
James Young-Drew - Just17 - Raising the age
Kim Workman - If Prisons Are A Cause Of Crime, Why Not Reduce The Numbers?
Alison D - Her story
Alan L - His story
Speaker Bios

Papers and Powerpoint presentations presented at a seminar on current trends in crime, criminal justice and penal reform at the Quaker Settlement in September 2013.
Anglo-Saxon attitudes to punishment. Notes from a presentation given by Wayne Brittenden
Justice Matters. A presentation delivered by Kim Workman
Good 'Prisoner Managerment" - powerpoint presentation by Tony Taylor
The Scale of the Problem - powerpoint presentation by Murray Short

Papers presented at a public meeting held at Auckland Quaker Meeting House in June 2010.
The first paper was given by Warren Brookbanks, Professor of Law at Auckland University, while the second was by Tony Taylor, Emeritus Professor of Psychology at Victoria University of Wellington.  Tony Taylor also presented the 2011 Quaker Lecture "Changing the Prison System".
Prof Brookbanks addressed the unfairness of the Three-strikes legislation, and Tony Taylor addressed its futility before suggesting that a conflict of ideology was the real issue.
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