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Spiritual Nurture Programme

Spiritual Nurture Programme 2018


Registration deadline 5 February, 2018

Join us on a journey to explore and develop our spiritual lives in a Quaker context. This is an opportunity to nurture, deepen, and renew the connection between our “inward activism and outward contemplation.” (Parker Palmer)

The programme is for 6 months, from March to September 2018 and has four components:

Gatherings: There will be 2 four-day gatherings held at the Mt. Eden Meeting House, each beginning Thursday at 6 pm with worship and dinner, and ending Monday at 2 pm.

The exact dates are:

22 - 26 March, 2018

13 - 17 September, 2018

The gatherings are a time for learning, listening, and worshiping together. The full days will begin with worship at 8:30 am and end by 8:30 pm.

Study and Integrative Projects

Each participant will complete two integrative projects during the programme. The first is a written spiritual autobiography, reflecting on how you got to where you are now. The topic and form of the second project is chosen by the participant.

Spiritual Practices

Each participant is expected to set aside a daily time to still the body and mind for prayer and reflection to become more aware of God’s presence in their life. A variety of practices will be introduced in the opening Gathering.

Support and Fellowship Networks

Each participant will create a network of support and fellowship that can meet at least monthly. This network will be a place of listening, reflecting, and encouraging the spiritual exploration of the participant. Mutual sharing is intended to strengthen the spiritual life not only of the participant, but of the community of Friends. Before the the first gathering, a programme facilitator will help the participant name and establish his or her network.


$300 per participant (including all meals and resources)

Direct credit: 38-9011-0057038-02 (Give your name)

Cheques to Northern Monthly Meeting Society of Friends

(Friends Centre, 115 Mt. Eden Rd., Auckland 1024)

The Mt. Eden four-day gatherings are not residential: participants will need to find accommodation. Some free billets may be available with local Friends and at Friends Centre.

If you need financial assistance for programme or travel costs, please ask your Overseers to apply to the Quaker Education Fund on your behalf. Funding is available, so please do not let cost block your way.


Registration deadline 5 February, 2018


Moira McLennan

Moira McLennan Member of Northern Monthly Meeting attends North Shore worship group. Moira enjoys encouraging people to explore their beliefs and experiences to find the sacred places in everyday life. She facilitates retreat days engaging in contemplative spiritual practises. She is a member of Association of Christian Spiritual Directors. And a Quaker for 25 years.

Email: Phone: 09 479 8326

Linley Gregory

Linley Gregory Member of Northern Monthly Meeting normally attends Mt Eden worship group. Has a concern for sharing our faith by helping to facilitate the last Spiritual Nurture Programme, seminars at the Settlement, sessions at Summer Gathering and writing a 'Religious Testimonies' workshop manual. Has held many positions within Friends from within the worship group to internationally.

Email: Phone: 09 638 8662

Mike & Marsha Green

Marsha Green Friend in Residence at Mt. Eden and member of Durham Friends Meeting in Durham, North Carolina. Formally served as clerk of the Board of Trustees of Carolina Friends School and as recording clerk of Friends Journal in the U.S. She is a spiritual companion and musician.

Email: Phone: 09 630 6834

Mike Green Friend in Residence at Mt. Eden and member of Durham Friends Meeting in Durham, North Carolina. Formally served as a Core Teacher and Executive Director of the School of the Spirit Ministry in the U.S. He is a retreat leader, spiritual director, and musician.

Email: Phone: 09 630 6834

Over 30+ years, Mike and Marsha have shared their gifts with Friends in numerous capacities. They share a concern for the nurture of meeting and family life, and are trained leaders in Friends Couple Enrichment.


For further information, please contact any of the facilitators or email To have paper copies of information sent to you, please send an email or phone 09 630 6834.


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