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Sustainability is about living so that others can follow.

North American Aborigines think of an “environment the same for seven generations”, from your great-grand-children to your great-grand-parents.
Click here for the latest - Sustainability Action Overview - A comprehensive compilation of the organisations active in sustainability.

This document is an initiative by the Quaker Futures Committee to highlight the extent and diversity of sustainability action around NZ, and to provide a resource to promote networking.

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Investment Criteria for Northern Monthly Meeting, Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) Aotearoa New Zealand (Adopted 6 April 2014)
These criteria describe guidelines for investment by the Meeting by defining our core values, an ethical organisation, strategic risk, negative and positive screening and engagement. Click to read more... 


Follow this link to learn more about the exciting weekend seminar that was held at the Settlement on 16 -18 March 2012: Facing the Future - Quakers can make a difference


The Challenge of Sustainability
Western society has adopted a lifestyle which is seriously degrading our environment and exhausting our resources, and most developing countries are rapidly adopting similar lifestyles, thus exacerbating the problem. While many people and organisations are trying to address this situation, few societies are prepared to make the changes required. Challenges are extensive, affecting our economy, relations between states, energy systems, transport, agriculture, fisheries, recycling, mining etc. 
Quaker Statements related to sustainability (FWCC - Quaker global centre)
Key issues include:
ii. Use of fossil fuels and alternative energy sources. 
iii. Materialistic social values.
iv. Economic system dependent on growth.
v. Unsustainable consumption and production.
vi. Expectations of developing countries.
vii. Social inequities, between and within nations.
viii. Social resistance to change - ?denial?
ix. Action to promote sustainability.
2. national, 
3. international, UN Rio+20
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