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The Environment

Climate Change - an Issue for Quakers
Quakers are concerned about the Environment we all live in. Many of us feel that humans are causing damage to this planet, and we hold concerns about pollution of land air and water, global deforestation and extinction of species. A particular interest, highly relevant to Pacific nations, is the climate change issue and its attendant sealevel rise.
Read a Quaker Statement(2000) on Environmental Sustainability

You can read the latest Climate Change newsletter, January 2015
Also see previous newsletters: April 2014 December 2013 October 2013 May 2013 December 2012.
(These files are large (up to 985KB) but worthwhile).
The Kabarak Call for Peace and Ecojustice  was approved on 24 April 2012 at the Sixth World Conference Friends, held at Kabarak University near Nakuru, Kenya. It is the culmination of the FWCC World Consultation on Global Change which was held in 2010 and 2011.
You can link to several websites giving essential reading on the Climate Change issue.
Council for Socially Responsible Investment See the YouTube video here as well
You can also visit the websites of various religious organisations on the Climate Change issue.
The Scoping Group of the Futures Committee have also selected a series of documents that relate to Climate Change in New Zealand.
Do your investments destroy or care for the planet?
FAQs / Briefings on Major Environmental Issues
The Earth’s systems are not resilient enough to cope with the damage that humans have done to them. The future that we as humans face is a daunting one. We need to move from an economy that is based on looking on the Earth as a basis for benefiting human utility, to where we revere life in all its forms, living simply and within the planet's limits. To care for the environment involves a shift to an economy that nurtures rather than destroys, an ethic that respects and values all life, and a spiritual reformation that leads to an inner peace and richness beyond material gain.
You can also see these pages:
You can also see these documents:
calculatingghg.doc [55KB] Calculating GHG emission implications of lifestyle changes. Note by Laurie Michaelis to explain Quaker Green Action leaflets, 29 July 2005. (Word file)
casisubmission.doc [29KB] Churches Agency on Social Issues: Climate Change Discussion Document, 14 June 2002 (Word file)
climate-change-policyfornz.pdf [340KB] 'A way forward on climate policy for New Zealand' from Climate Change and Governance Conference, Wellington. By Associate Professor Ralph Chapman; Director, Graduate Programme in Environmental Studies, Victoria University of Wellington. (PDF)
environmentalaudits.pdf [210KB] The Living Witness Project: Carrying out an environmental audit in your Meeting. (PDF)
The following Fact Sheets can be made available:
Fact Sheet 1 Air Travel.pdf [129KB] Fact Sheet on Air Travel.
Fact Sheet 2 Solar Hot Water.pdf [215KB] Fact Sheet on Solar Hot Water
Fact Sheet 3 Peak Oil.pdf [150KB] Fact Sheet on Peak Oil
Fact Sheet 4 Your Carbon Neutral Home.pdf [147KB] Fact Sheet on your Carbon Neutral Home
Fact sheet 5 on Water.pdf [115KB] Fact Sheet on Water
FQ May 11 Howell final.doc64.5 KB
FAQs hlinked.doc45.5 KB
Calculating GHG emissions.doc55 KB
CASI submission on climate change.doc27.5 KB
A way forward on climate policy for New Zealand.pdf339.84 KB
Environmentalaudits.pdf209.79 KB
OPEN DAY Report for Website.pdf121 KB
ClimateChange_Xmas_newsletter.pdf984.76 KB
CC Newsletter April 2013.pdf954.07 KB
CC_Newsletter_2013_10.pdf854.86 KB
CC_Newsletter_2013_12_C.pdf643.89 KB
CC_Newsletter_2014_04.pdf752.31 KB
Kabarak_call.pdf81.5 KB
Kabarak_Call_3fold_ver2.pdf699.69 KB
Climate Change Newsletter January 2015.pdf597.65 KB