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Tony Schnell review of Grace's Song

"Grace's Song" by Tony Maturin and the Village Poets

A review by Tony Schnell

Foreword by Tony Schnell: Director of the Department for Social Responsibility of the Grahamstown Diocese of the Anglican Church, South Africa.
To capture the soul embodied is a rare and dangerous thing. What you shoot is as much your own soul, your own eye, as that of your subject. “Grace’s song” is an “eyeshot” or a window to souls, which he respectfully and thoughtfully places to create a sense of integrity of song, of the grace that surrounds us and visits us in every nation and people, and as he would correct me, “but especially in the poor”. Does he succeed? His photos glimpse at the inner, both his and those of his subjects. I love his photography, because it speaks. However, I am uncomfortable. I feel the danger. Meaning is given, not captured. Tyebe is sharing his meaning. It cannot be the full picture. A lens is not reality and captions are never accurate. The photos may provoke you and they are rare. They are not populist. I think he wants these photos to provoke you to think. So please think. You are on rare and dangerous ground. Please engage with grace!