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Website Profiles of Personal Information


Information from booklet of  Meetings,  Members  and  Attenders on the Quaker Website

This explanation is to clear up some misunderstandings among Friends about the placing of information about Members and Attenders onto the Quaker website.

During 2011,  the Quaker website was upgraded to a more modern system.   In addition to improved webpages,  all the details in the 2010 booklet (names,  addresses, phone numbers, emails, children, birthdates, etc)  are now held in the Quaker website as profile information for each person.

However,  there is no such thing as a distinct List on the website,  and nobody can see any webpage of this information.

The information is not available to anyone other than the Webmanager, the booklet editor  and the local Meeting listholders,  who are assigned privilege to update this information.   Eventually,  it is intended that all Friends will be able to update their own profile information directly on the website,  by logging into their own profile using their own unique secure username and password.   Even when properly logged in,  individual Friends would not be able to see anyone else's details.   Modern computer security systems are now robust enough to allow these developments to proceed with safety.   An example of this is the use of Internet banking by many Friends  -  nobody else can see your details or accounts.   In fact,  the profile information held on the website is far more secure than the printed booklet itself.

Parents will update the profiles of their children,  and the Meeting listholders will update the profiles of those people who do not have an Internet facility.

In future years,  the editor of the Members  and  Attenders booklet will be able to extract the profile information updated by individuals to format for continuing publications of the printed booklet.

Editor of  Meetings,  Members  and  Attenders booklet
January 2012