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Where We Meet

Wellington Quakers

Phone 04-385-4897



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Meeting House & Quaker Centre

The two main communal buildings are at

7 Moncrieff St

Mt Victoria


They are both available for hire by community organisations.

Friends House

The Meeting House is built in the style of many traditional British Meeting Houses

The Quaker Centre

This more modern building is used for additional community activities.

Quaker Centre

How to find them:
Transport from the Airport
The best way to get to Moncrieff St is by the Airport Flyer Bus (orange and purple). There is one every fifteen minutes.
Ask to be dropped off in Elizabeth St, which will be shortly after the bus passes through the tunnel under Mount Victoria. Moncrieff St is by the pedestrian crossing, halfway down Elizabeth St, on the left.
When you arrive at George Fox House, walk up the wooden ramp and ring the doorbell.
Transport from Wellington Railway Station, Coach Station and Ferry Terminal
From a ferry, enquire how to get to the Wellington Bus terminal (adjacent to the Railway Station)
At the Metlink bus terminal, ask the bus driver if the route goes along Courtenay Place.
The bus journey takes about ten minutes through central city streets to reach Elizabeth Street. All changes of direction are partial turns, until the bus turns out of Courtenay Place.  When the bus makes the first full right turn into Kent Terrace, press the button, to get out at the next stop.
If your bus turns left into Elizabeth Street, get off immediately round the corner. Cross Elizabeth Street, and walk up to Moncrieff Street.
If your bus goes past Elizabeth Street, get off at the next stop, and walk back, and turn right up Elizabeth Street, turn right into Moncrieff Street.