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Young Friends

Young Friends are Quakers aged between approximately 16 and 39

Gatherings are mainly organized and catered for by the Young Friends themselves. Easter is usually set aside for the gatherings, which are in different regions each year. There is no set structure around discussions or activities although some voluntary work is organized for a day during the gathering. Discussion topics may arise or may be suggested from other Friends. Ad hoc events and activities get organized when the group meets.
We've been compiling a history of YF Camps, to be referenced from this page. Please feel free to add to it if you can fill any of the gaps.
Regular Meetings
Regular meetings are held in Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch. We have an email list for events in each of these cities, so if you'd like to be on this, please contact us on yf.comms (at)
Recent activities
The April 2012 Young Friends Camp took place over Easter Weekend on Waiheke Island from the 6th-10th of April.
In July 2007, eleven Young Friends attended New Zealand Yearly Meeting. YFs were given approval to formalise their structure and to have a number of the rights and responsibilities that Monthly Meetings do.
In January 2007, Avon, Simon, and Rowan attended Australia Yearly Meeting and Young Friends Camp as a family as the New Zealand representative
In January 2006, Jimmy attended Australia Yearly Meeting and Young Friends Camp as the New Zealand representative